Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Prachi meets Kohlis

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Prachi meets Kohlis

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Prachi meets Kohlis Ranbir struggles to reach his Prachi. Prachi turns away and breaks his hopes. Payal looks at him with hatred. She tells Prachi that Ranbir is angrily staring at her. Inspector asks Payal to give the case details. He asks Prachi to stay back to sign the case documents. Ranbir asks Prachi why is she supporting Payal, who is lying. He asks if she is taking revenge on him. She tells that she is just doing the right thing, she is supporting Prachi because she feels this is right. He asks her if she thinks Payal is saying the truth. He calls Payal a liar. She tells that she isn’t lying.

He tells them that she is lying. She asks why would Payal put her life at risk to ruin someone’s life. She tells that Ranbir would have done some wrong with her. Ranbir asks her what she thinks about it, and what wrong did he do. She tells that she wasn’t there, she doesn’t know. He asks her why is she here then. He questions her. She tells that he has no right to ask her anything. He asks her why didn’t she tell him if she was alive. He asks her not to go away without answering him. She doesn’t want to repeat the fact. He shouts that he wants to know the truth. She leaves there. Ranbir tells the inspector that he is innocent.


He wants to make a call. Payal thanks Prachi for supporting her. Prachi asks her if she is sure of Ranbir’s crime. Payal tells that she is a girl, and she won’t take anyone’s name without a reason, he is Ranbir, who wronged her. She is thankful that Prachi has supported her. Prachi tells her that she doesn’t think Ranbir can do this. Payal tells that Ranbir looks innocent, but he isn’t a good man, he pretends to respect women, and everyone likes him, but nobody knows his truth. She maligns Ranbir’s image. She tells Prachi that Ranbir has a family problem, his wife died and Ranbir is alone for six years, he would be frustrated, but it’s wrong to molest any girl.

Prachi doesn’t reveal anything to her. Pallavi and Dida reach the police station. They ask him who has arrested him. They go to scold the inspector and ask him to free Ranbir. Inspector tells that Ranbir has tried to molest a girl. Ranbir tells that he didn’t do anything. Pallavi knows him well. She tells that Ranbir can never do such a crime. She asks Inspector to identify Ranbir’s reality, he is innocent. Inspector tells that everyone finds their son a good person. Dida rebukes the inspector.

Ranbir tells that they need a good lawyer. Dida tells that she will explain everything. She adds that Aryan is coming. Pallavi asks him who has filed the case against Ranbir. Inspector asks them to meet the lady in person. He shows Prachi to them. Pallavi and Dida are shell-shocked seeing Prachi. Inspector tells them that Prachi came here with Payal, its Payal who has alleged Ranbir of molestation. Dida and Prachi get emotional. Pallavi grows upset that Prachi has put Ranbir in trouble. Aryan reaches there to help Ranbir. He gets the lawyer along. He is also moved to see Prachi alive.

He remembers Ranbir’s words. Pallavi asks Ranbir if is Prachi alive. She asks Prachi where was she till now when the family thought she is dead. She tells that Prachi still regards them as family. The family gets happy to see her alive. They question her about keeping her existence a secret. Pallavi tells that she missed Prachi a lot, she wanted Prachi in their family, because everyone needed her. Prachi cries on hearing Pallavi.

Pallavi tells that they weren’t able to accept that Prachi is not between them anymore. She wants to hug Prachi and cry out her sorrow. She tells her that everyone felt Prachi’s absence and cried for her. She tells that they gave more importance to a family person after the loss. She tells Prachi that Ranbir always told them Prachi is alive and she is around, he didn’t believe the inspector who told her about finding her dead body. She asks Prachi why did she get Ranbir arrested. She wants to know the matter. Prachi goes away from there. Ranbir tells that Prachi is supporting Payal.

He asks Pallavi not to waste time. The lawyer submits the bail papers. Ranbir gets released. Prachi’s car doesn’t start. She checks the car engine. Ranbir runs to talk to her. She tells that she is alright, but she has to go. He asks her to stop hurting her. She tells that she is just helping Payal get justice. He asks her if isn’t she involved in this, she is doing this deliberately. She tells that she would have not got involved if she knew he is Payal’s boss. He asks her doesn’t she trust him. She tells that he has lost all the right to ask her anything. Prachi leaves from there.

Ranbir follows her. Aryan tells Pallavi that he will get the car. Pallavi tells that Prachi just troubles Ranbir. They cry for Ranbir’s sorrow and the reason behind Prachi. Ranbir asks the auto driver to drive faster. Prachi finds Ranbir following her car. Ranbir asks Prachi to stop the car. The driver asks him not to tease any girl. Ranbir tells that Prachi is his wife. Ranbir tricks the auto driver and flees with his auto.


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