Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Big twist

Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Big twist

Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Big twist Nidhi surprises Arjun at the ongoing party in the Luthra mansion. She reminds him of their engagement and their relationship. She tells that he can’t break their relationship of five years, after coming to India and meeting his family. She threatens of destroying him and his loved ones as an answer for his deception. Anjali further triggers Nidhi’s anger, knowing the latter is extremely possessive of Arjun. Nidhi tells Arjun that he had done so wrong that she is disappointed with him. Karan is ready to face any outcome. He knows Nidhi’s obsession well. He tells that he has the support of his family, and they are ready to go homeless if Nidhi snatches their home, but they will always stay united.

Anjali feels challenged seeing Karan and Preeta’s unity. She can’t stand the Luthras. She asks them to get ready to leave the Luthra mansion. She taunts that it’s their last celebration in the house. She doesn’t want Nidhi to spare Arjun. Will Karan manage to convince Nidhi to spare him and his family, when he knows he has no other way left for him? Anjali wants Luthras to lose every hope of joy in their lives because Preeta has snatched her Preeta. Will Nidhi learn about Anjali’s love for Arjun, which has become a reason for her revenge? Keep reading.


Karan and Preeta get the entire family on the dance floor. They enjoy their time. Kritika tells that it’s time for the cake-cutting. Karan and Preeta are all smiling. They get shocked when Nidhi walks into the house, and Anjali follows. Nidhi applauds Arjun for his deception. She asks him if he has realized how he has disappointed her. Karan corrects her and tells them that he isn’t Arjun, but Karan. Anjali tells that she doesn’t care about his identity, be it Arjun or Karan, it doesn’t matter, because he has made a big mistake. She asks the Luthras to pack their bags and get ready to shift to some other place.

Kundali Bhagya 25th February 2023 Written Update Big twist:

She tells that she got the packers along, they can decide the destination on the way, and they deserve to stay on the roads. She offers help in throwing them out. She tells that she already told them what is going to happen to them. She adds that if he had listened to her then this would have not happened. She announces that the land and property belong to her sister Nidhi, and Luthras just have the road to occupy. She tells that Luthra’s mansion, industries, and shares are of Nidhi.

Karan tells Nidhi that she doesn’t know the back story. Anjali tells that she won’t give him a chance to clarify because he chose Preeta when he was asked to choose between Preeta and her. Preeta tells Anjali that she won’t beg them or give away Karan to her. She asks Anjali to take the money, they will still live united with confidence and courage. Rishabh is with Preeta in her decision.

Rishabh convincingly speaks to Nidhi. He doesn’t know what Anjali has told Nidhi about them. He is sure that she has humanity in her, she can judge them and know if they are right and wrong, they have united with the entire family after a long time, and he just wants to borrow some time from her. He hopes that she allows them some time to spend family moments. Preeta thanks Nidhi for saving Karan. She tells that she will be indebted to Nidhi forever. She knows that Nidhi is Karan’s savior. Anjali reacts angrily and asks Preeta not to call Arjun Karan.

She tells that Arjun is engaged to Nidhi, he was going to return in 15 days, but Preeta has trapped him. Karan asks her to shut up. He tells that he got engaged to Nidhi, but he didn’t have his memory at that time. Preeta explains to Nidhi that Karan didn’t remember his family, when he got his memory back and came back to his family, then how can she expect him to leave his family and come back to her? She asks Nidhi not to complain. Nidhi reminds Karan how she had saved his life, and his condition. She tells that his family doesn’t know about it.

She tells them that she went boating, she had seen Karan’s body, his face was severely damaged, she didn’t even know how he looked, when she had to give him a face, then she had chosen her boyfriend’s face for Arjun. She adds that she was already married to her boyfriend, and gradually she fell in love with Arjun. Anjali tells that Nidhi has done a lot for Arjun, but he cheated on her. She calls him a big cheat.

She tells that Arjun knew that Nidhi is possessive about him, but he cheated on her. Anjali provokes Nidhi. Nidhi stops Anjali. She tells that it’s Arjun’s birthday, so she shall give him a gift. Anjali asks Nidhi to gift them shawls so that it helps them stay warm on the roads. Nidhi asks her to get quiet. She gives a file to Arjun and wishes him a happy birthday. Karan is tense to check the documents. He gets a huge surprise at learning that she has returned all his properties and business.

He asks Nidhi does she realize what she gifted him. Nidhi tells that she has returned everything that belonged to him. The Luthras get a wide smiles on their faces. Nidhi apologizes to Preeta that she has given her boyfriend’s face to Karan. Anjali asks her why is she sparing Arjun. Nidhi tells that it’s her fault to love Arjun, he never belonged to her, and she gave him someone else’s identity. She accepts that she was possessive of her Arjun, but he isn’t her Arjun, he is Karan Luthra, who belongs to the Luthras.

She apologizes to Karan for creating so much confusion in his life. Karan thanks her for returning her house and family to him. He is grateful. He asks her to take back the factory and shares. She tells that it’s a birthday gift, and she won’t take it back from her friend. She tells that they will always be good friends. Karan thanks her. Nidhi tells that she isn’t a cheater like Anjali. She asks him to cut the cake. Anjali gets angered that her plan failed. Karan cuts the cake. He celebrates his birthday with his family. Nidhi is happy for him. Nidhi asks Preeta to keep Karan safe.

Rishabh thanks Nidhi. She doubles their joy. Nidhi makes a leave. Anjali is left with no option. She goes to question Nidhi. She asks why did she do this. Nidhi asks her to go to her car. She doesn’t listen to Anjali. Karan reaches there and finds Anjali losing her mind. She asks him why did he lose her life. He tells that he didn’t do anything, but she had attempted to ruin his life. He tells that he will always love Preeta. Preeta comes after them. Anjali lectures Preeta.

She accuses Preeta of snatching her Arjun. She tells that she will return this pain to Preeta. She challenges Preeta that she will snatch her happiness. She wants to ruin Preeta’s life and joy. Karan calls it enough. He tells that Anjali can’t harm Preeta. Anjali tells that she loved Arjun a lot, and she won’t forgive him if he hinders her motives. Preeta asks her to learn something from her sister. She asks Anjali to stop chasing Karan. She tells that Karan is in her Kundali Bhagya, and he will be with her forever. Anjali tells that she will not let Preeta live in peace.

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