Anupama Extreme Spoiler Alert 27th February 2023

Anupama Extreme Spoiler Alert 27th February 2023

Anupama Extreme Spoiler Alert 27th February 2023 Anupama gets overjoyed when she gets the news of Anuj and Anu’s return. She begins preparing a hearty surprise for Anuj and Anu. She had missed them a lot. She decorates Anu’s room. She tells that she will do everything for Anu. She doesn’t want to upset Anuj and Anu ever again. She decides to dedicate her day to her family. She wishes Anu comes home. Kavya calls her ex in her in-law’s house. Vanraj gets angered seeing them enjoy chatting. He asks Kavya how can she call her ex home, and gossip with him right in front of her husband.

He asks her if she has no shame. Kavya angrily asks him if his ex Anupama can come home anytime and spend time with them, then why can’t her ex come. They have a verbal spat. Kavya takes this extreme step after hearing Vanraj’s feelings for Anupama. She wants to teach a lesson to Vanraj, and bring him onto the right path. Vanraj realizes his mistake, but fails to control his anger.


On the other hand, Maya, Anuj, and Anu return home. Maya asks Anuj not to tell Anupama about the last night’s incident. She tells that they must not reveal a truth that can hurt someone. Anupama rushes to the door to see Anuj. Maya tells Anuj that Anupama won’t understand even if they explain to her. Anupama hears a part of their conversation and questions them about it.

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