Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update Wrong Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update Wrong Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update Wrong Prachi Dadi rebukes Prachi for her wrong actions. She tells that Prachi is alive, but she has hidden her survival from Ranbir. She tells that she has never called Prachi wrong, but today she will mention the truth that Prachi is wrong. She asks Prachi if her love for Ranbir has ended completely, doesn’t she trust her husband who can never do anything wrong with any woman? Ranbir meets Payal at her place. Payal calls up Prachi. She informs that Ranbir has come to her house. Prachi is shocked. Prachi connects Ranbir’s deeds with the past. She blames him for losing Panchi. She feels she should get Ranbir punished for his wrong deeds.

Prachi supports Payal to keep Ranbir away from her. She wants to punish Ranbir because she isn’t able to forget Panchi. She makes a huge mistake by connecting the past and present incidents. She justifies her blame on Ranbir. Dadi tells Prachi that she is wrong this time. She asks Prachi to not make Ranbir’s life hell because of her sorrow. Ranbir feels Prachi has given him such wounds that can never heal. Ranbir wants his answers from Payal, who acts terrified seeing him at her door. What’s the truth about Payal’s allegation? Keep reading.


Kumkum Bhagya 27th February 2023 Written Update Wrong Prachi:

Prachi tells Payal that she is with her. She asks Payal not to lose courage. Payal makes a leave. Prachi gets questioned by Dadi. Dadi wants to know what is going on. She can’t accept the dirty blame on Ranbir. She asks Prachi how can she think wrong about Ranbir. Prachi tells that she is just doing justice to a girl. Dadi tells that she never called Prachi wrong, but today she will say it, Prachi is wrong to put such an allegation on Ranbir. She regrets to say that Prachi is very much wrong this time.

Prachi breaks down into tears. She doesn’t realize her mistake. Sahana tells that she made Dadi promise not to say anything. Prachi asks her to handle Dadi and give her BP medicines. She knows Dadi is hurt because she loved Ranbir a lot and trusted him. Sahana asks Prachi if she has no faith in him. Prachi doesn’t answer. Ranbir comes to meet Payal. He asks her if he can speak to her. She falls while stepping back. He offers her help. She holds his hand and gets up. She hugs him and then pushes him back. She asks him why did he come. He tells that he is trying to solve his life. He asks her why she accuses him so badly. He asks if he had molested her. He tells that he didn’t even talk to her.

He explains that he fired her from the job because she was stealing money from company funds, he can’t tolerate any cheating. He requests she takes the complaint back. He tells that he will get saved because he is innocent but she will be caught. He explains that her life and image are at stake. She appears scared and runs away. She doesn’t know what to do. She didn’t expect him to come home. She calls Prachi and complains about Ranbir. Prachi asks her how can Ranbir come there. Payal begs her to come soon and save her. Prachi assures that she will handle Ranbir. She rushes to meet Payal.

Ranbir tells that Payal is scared of him as if he is going to kill her, she is wrong and acting innocent. He doesn’t care if Prachi comes into his life or not. He decides to fix everything. Prachi reaches Payal’s house after Ranbir leaves the house. They have a hit-and-miss. Prachi asks Payal where is Ranbir. Payal tells that she doesn’t know, she was scared and locked herself in a room, maybe he left. Ranbir leaves in his car. Payal tells that Ranbir left. Prachi asks what did Ranbir say. Payal tells that Ranbir asked her to take the complaint back and prove him right. She lies about Ranbir.

Prachi apologizes to her that she didn’t tell her anything before. She tells that Ranbir is her husband, but she got separated six years back. She adds that Ranbir can never do wrong with any girl, girls feel safe with him, he can’t tolerate injustice, and he is a true person. She thinks of her Ranbir and praises him. Payal is stunned to know this. Prachi tells that she doesn’t know what is going on. She asks Payal not to think that she will favor Ranbir. She assures that she will support Payal in this case, against anyone. Payal thanks her.

She asks her why did she leave Ranbir and if there was a big reason for their separation. Prachi gets reminded of Panchi’s loss and Ranbir’s blames. She tells that she had a reason to get separated from him. Payal asks her to have a cup of tea. She goes to the kitchen. Prachi gets confused seeing a pair of shoes there. She asks Payal who else stays with her. Payal tells that she lives alone. Prachi asks her to share the house with someone so that she can lessen the rent amount. Payal tells that roommates cause problems. Prachi shows her understanding.

She asks Payal to work hard and become successful. She asks about the gents’ shoes. She asks if it’s Ranbir’s shoes. Payal tells that it’s her boyfriend’s shoes. Prachi tells that he already left her life as she told before. Payal lies about the fake breakup. Prachi asks what did Ranbir say. Payal tells that Ranbir was threatening her. She gets forgetting about her answers. Prachi finds her tensed. Payal tries to get convincing in her lies. She asks Prachi if she is doubting her. Prachi tells that she wants to be double sure. She doesn’t think Ranbir can do such a crime.

Ranbir lands up at Prachi’s house to meet her. Sahana and Dadi meet him. He tells Sahana that Prachi has done with him. He complains about Prachi. She asks him to calm down. She tells that Prachi isn’t at home. He takes Dadi’s blessings. She is glad to meet her after so many years. He asks her if she was with Prachi all these years. She asks him what had happened between Prachi and him. He asks her not to feel guilty. He tells that Prachi has ruined all his hopes. Ranbir and Dadi head to the kitchen to make tea. Payal gets her phone. Prachi finds a visitor at Payal’s house. A reporter meets Payal to know about the case of Ranbir Kohli. The reporter tells Payal that she will save her from Ranbir. Prachi asks the reporter how she knows about Ranbir.


  1. payal why speak like that ranbir he gets upset but you payal if you do like this plan i don’nt like it now see what i will do now shut your mouth do some work now please be series now days.
    ranbir please you do office work
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    payal i warning for you.
    payal if you distub ranbir otherwise he gets upset.
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