Anupama Spoiler Anirudh returns Kavya Vanraj bash

Anupama Spoiler Anirudh returns Kavya Vanraj bash

Anupama Spoiler Anirudh returns Kavya Vanraj bash Kavya tells Vanraj that Anirudh is his ex, but he is still her best friend. Anirudh tells that Kavya and he were best friends, but their marriage couldn’t work, and they regret it, but they are happy to always stay friends. He warns Vanraj against hurting Kavya. He takes a stand for Kavya. Vanraj asks Kavya to ask Anirudh to get out. Kavya questions why. Vanraj asks her how can she invite her ex to her in-law’s house and chat with him. He doesn’t permit her to do this. Kavya tells that if Vanraj’s ex can come and chat with him, then even her ex can come. She justifies herself by saying if Anupama can come, then Anirudh can also come.

She tells that Vanraj has always ignored her, he doesn’t value her work, he made her lose her modeling project, and he has a problem with her. She asks Leela to not keep double standards. She tells that Vanraj is narrow-minded because of Leela’s upbringing. She shouts at them that Anupama is the only solution to their problems. She tells them how Vanraj was sharing his sorrow with Anupama. She also wants someone to share her feelings with. She remarks that she has taken this step because of Vanraj. She tells Vanraj that she is going to work with Anirudh. She knows Vanraj will not trust her.


She decides to work with Anirudh, against Vanraj’s wish. He tells that Anirudh shouldn’t come again. She tells that Anupama shouldn’t come either. He tells that Anupama comes to meet his parents and children. She knows this well. She tells that Vanraj is a big problem for Anupama and her. She accuses him of ruining his life. Anirudh is shocked to learn about Kavya’s hardships in Shah’s house. He feels sorry for her. Leela asks Kavya not to share personal things in front of Anirudh.

Kavya tells that Anirudh is her ex, he knows her well, and he is more understanding than Vanraj. Vanraj asks Kavya if she wants to expel Anupama by using Anirudh. She calls her insecure. Kavya tells that she isn’t such disgusting as him. Anirudh is surprised that Kavya left him for a man like Vanraj. Vanraj insults Kavya for being an opportunist. He asks her to admit that she is ambitious. He taunts her over the past. She asks him to realize his truth. She clears her stand. She tells that she doesn’t need permission from Vanraj, even if she wishes to make a relationship with Anirudh. The heated argument doesn’t seem to have an end.


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