YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Wedding bells for Abhi

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Wedding bells for Abhi

YRKKH Upcoming Spoiler Wedding bells for Abhi Aarohi tries to calm down Kairav. Kairav wants to settle the matter right away. He feels the matter is wrong and no time is right to discuss it, it’s better to dismiss it rather than stay quiet and expect it to end on its own. Kairav goes mad recalling how Abhimanyu had hurt Akshara. Birlas feel insulted by Kairav. Suhasini cries that the drama ruined her birthday. She wanted the family to make her birthday memorable. Abhimanyu doesn’t want to leave the Goenka house without keeping his stand. He owes an apology to Akshara. He wants to say what’s left unspoken. He tells that life has given him a lot, but he couldn’t treasure it.

He regrets that he can’t change the past. He doesn’t want to see what he lost in his life. He understands Kairav’s emotions and pain. He apologizes for whatever he did with Akshara. He tells that he has to think of Manjiri first. He tells that it’s his final decision, and he will go ahead to marry Aarohi. He feels sorry for hurting the Goenkas. He is very much connected to Ruhi. He can do anything for Ruhi. Later, Birlas return to their place. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri about her sudden announcement. He wants to know why did she choose Suhasini’s birthday to break the news.


He feels terrible that the news has shaken the Goenkas and ruined Suhasini’s birthday. He asks her why did she make Suhasini cry. Manjiri justifies herself that people don’t even hesitate when they break relationships. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong in announcing his marriage. Kairav fails in explaining to Aarohi that Abhimanyu isn’t the right guy for her. He pleads with Akshara to explain Aarohi and save the latter’s life. He doesn’t want Aarohi to repeat Akshara’s mistake. Aarohi stands firm on her decision. He gives her the responsibility to convince Aarohi.

Akshara surprises the family by supporting Aarohi. She tells that Aarohi isn’t choosing a husband but a life partner. She wants to respect her choice. Aarohi learns Akshara’s consent for the new relationship to form. The Goenkas and the Birlas decide to go ahead with Abhimanyu and Aarohi’s marriage. They keep their engagement. Akshara tells Abhinav that they shall go back to Kasauli. Abhir gets inclined to attend Abhimanyu’s engagement. Akshara refuses to stay back. Abhir reaches Abhimanyu and asks him to convince his parents to attend the engagement. Abhir puts Abhimanyu into a fix.


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