Imlie 5th March 2023 Update Chini kills Imlie

Imlie 5th March 2023 Update Chini kills Imlie

Imlie 5th March 2023 Update Chini kills Imlie Atharv is intoxicated. Chini gets glad when her plan works. The villagers catch Atharv and Chini together in a shady godown at late hours. Atharv and Chini are questioned about their stay in the godown. Chini tells that she is from a good family. The ladies stain her character and ask her how can she spend a night with a stranger. The people scold Chini for disgracing society. They ask Chini if Atharv is her husband, and if not, then will Atharv marry her? They compel Atharv to answer them.

Chini tells him that Imlie will be hurt on hearing this. Atharv tells that he will marry Chini if this hurts Imlie. He tells her that Imlie has hurt her a lot, and didn’t respect his feelings. He asks Chini to come with him and marry him if she is okay with it. Chini tells that she loves him and she is ready to marry him. He asks her to come with her, they will tell him their decision about their families. Atharv and Chini return home. The family finds Atharv drunk.


Atharv breaks his decision to the Rana family that he wants to marry Chini. His parents ask him not to decide in a rush. Atharv doesn’t want to cry for Imlie. He tells that he wants to shut down his sad feelings. He adds that Imlie is happy without him and that he will be happy with Chini. Imlie learns his decision and is hurt. She didn’t expect Atharv to take this step. Imlie records a video to prove Chini’s lie. She tells that she will show Chini’s truth to the entire family. Chini replies that the game isn’t over yet. She doesn’t want Imlie to show the video to Atharv. She attempts to kill Imlie and pushes her down the roof.


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