Udaariyaan Holi Promo Update 6th March 2023

Udaariyaan Holi Promo Update 6th March 2023

Udaariyaan Holi Promo Update 6th March 2023 Nehmat fears Ekam’s reaction in anger. She doesn’t want Ekam to hurt Harleen’s feelings. She worries about Ekam and Harleen’s relationship which can break because of the shocking news. Harleen asks Ekam to listen to her once. She tells that she doesn’t want anything from him. Ekam asks her why did she come into his life. He questions her why did she make a relationship with him. He angrily removes the watch she gifted him and throws it. He asks her why did she ruin Nehmat’s life when she knew Nehmat isn’t Advait’s wife and doesn’t need to undergo the torture. He blames her for being evil as Advait. He ends his relationship with Harleen.

Harleen didn’t expect this type of reaction. She thought of explaining to Ekam about her sacrifice. She has decided to leave Ekam and Nehmat’s lives. She tells that she wants to unite Ekam and Nehmat, after realizing their true love. On the other hand, Nehmat and Sandhus reach the Gurudwara and pray for Harleen. Nehmat tells Rupy and Satti that she has seen true love for Ekam in Harleen’s eyes. She doesn’t want them to get apart because of her. She heartily wishes Ekam and Harleen to stay happy together.


Harleen knows that Ekam can never be happy with her. She frees Ekam from their relationship. Ekam and Harleen break their engagement. She asks Ekam to go to Nehmat because he belongs to her. Ekam happily runs to meet Nehmat. He is very happy that Nehmat got rid of Advait and their bad marriage. He buys roses for Nehmat. He tells that he will go to Nehmat and now it’s proved that fate is on their side, nobody can separate them.

In the upcoming Holi promo, Ekam and Nehmat are seen making a new start and celebrating Holi together as a couple. Harleen is happy for them and tells that she will unite them. Advait watches them from afar and aims at Nehmat to shoot her down. Advait wants to kill Nehmat. He shoots Nehmat, while Ekam shouts in response. What will happen to Nehmat? Will Harleen come in front and sacrifice her life to save Nehmat? Keep reading.


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