Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Anjali’s crime

Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Anjali's crime

Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Anjali’s crime Anjali attacks a nurse and asks her about Karan and Preeta’s twins. She knows that the babies are in the care unit. She asks the nurse to tell her the details. The nurse worries for her life. She tells that the twin babies in the cradles numbered 3 and 4. Anjali rushes to the care unit and meets the twins. She takes one of the babies in her arms with revenge ire. Preeta feels something wrong is going to happen. She is worried for her babies. Preeta rushes to check on her babies, while Karan is busy helping Nidhi with her business deals. Keep reading for a detailed update coming shortly.



Meet reaches Anuja in time and saves her from the goons who try to molest her. Anuja shares her sorrow with Meet. She tells that she is compelled to go for a gender change surgery because girls are regarded as bad luck in her family. Anuja feels helpless because of her parents. Meet understands her pain. She tells Anuja that she will speak to her family. She takes Anuja back to Sarkarpur. She says that she will change their thinking about girls. Meet will be seen fighting Manmeet in a wrestling ground to show that girls are no less than boys in any regard. Meet takes a big responsibility on her shoulders. She throws a big challenge for Manmeet and his family.

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The kids try to please their parents when they get insecure about Natasha’s stay. They don’t want their parents to forget them. They plan a surprise for the family. They wake up early and get to work. Chiku assigns the duties to Shesh and Mittu. The soap water spreads on the floor. The family members step on the slippery floor and fall. They learn about the kids’ efforts to please them. The kids’ mistake causes a moment of unity in the family. Suman gets pleased to see Chiku’s efforts in uniting the family.

Kundali Bhagya 7th March 2023 Written Update Anjali’s crime:

Nidhi tells that she has booked the tickets for London. She goes to tell Anjali. She doesn’t see Anjali. She tells that she can’t move on her own, because she is in a coma. She wonders if the hospital staff shifted her without asking her. She asks the doctor about Anjali. She tells that she isn’t in the ward. He tells that she must be inside. She asks him to check the ward himself. He wonders where did she go. She cries and worries for Anjali. He tells that they shall go and check the CCTV footage. Anjali reaches the care unit and sees the babies.

She recollects how she attacked a nurse and got information about Karan and Preeta’s babies. She doesn’t want the nurse to tell her truth to anyone. She faints the nurse and makes a leave. She hides from Sameer and Shrishti. They find the nurse unconscious and rush to help. Anjali recalls Arjun’s rejection. Shrishti asks the other nurse to check the nurse. The other nurse asks them not to worry. Shrishti and Sameer go to see the babies. Preeta rests in her ward. She waits for her babies to come to her. Anjali picks one of the babies in her arms. In the same instance, Preeta feels something is wrong and grows worried for her babies.

Preeta says that she wants to go and be with her babies. The nurse doesn’t allow her. Karan comes and asks her what happened. Preeta shouts that the babies are in danger. She panics. The family reaches there hearing her scream. They ask Preeta to relax, nothing will happen to her babies. Preeta tells that the babies aren’t in safe hands, and she wants to go to see them once. Doctor tells that she is behaving such because of the delivery. She injects Preeta and makes her sleep for some hours. She asks them to go out and wait in the waiting area. Karan doesn’t understand why Preeta was behaving like that.

He promises to protect his children. Preeta’s warning goes unheard. Anjali keeps the baby back when a nurse comes into the ward. She lies to the nurse and fools her. Anjali tells that she will take the baby. She takes the baby and leaves from there. The nurse finds one of Karan’s babies missing. Nidhi and the doctor check the CCTV footage. Nidhi calls the hospital staff careless. She tells that Anjali is in a coma. She doesn’t want to spare anyone. She is shocked to see Anjali in the footage. She realizes that Anjali is out of the coma. She asks the doctor how this is possible. The doctor wonders the same. She gets happy that her sister recovered. She asks where could Anjali go.

Doctor tells Nidhi that Anjali is running away, she has stolen a baby. Nidhi is shocked to see Anjali’s crime recorded in the cameras. She runs to find Anjali. The doctor wants to find out about the missing baby. Bani tells the doctor that she didn’t see any woman panicking so much after delivery. Kareena also finds it odd. Rakhi tells that she is also tense. Karan asks the doctor if it’s some side effect of medicines. The doctor asks them not to worry, Preeta is okay. Mahesh tells that they all love Preeta a lot. Rishabh asks the doctor to answer them. The doctor asks them what they want to know. She tells that it’s postpartum depression. Rishabh assures that he will take the family to the waiting area after some time. Nidhi worries and rushes out. Anjali leaves the hospital. Nidhi sees her fleeing. She asks Anjali to stop.

Anjali tells that she is taking Karan and Preeta’s baby with her. Nidhi asks her to listen to her. Anjali doesn’t listen. Nidhi doesn’t know how she will break this truth to Karan and Preeta. Anjali tells that she loves Karan, but he broke her heart. She wants to teach a lesson to Preeta. The family stays worried about Preeta. None of them goes to check on the babies. Rakhi faints down. The family worries for Rakhi. Nidhi asks the nurse about Preeta. The nurse tells that Preeta is unwell, she is in the ICU.

Nidhi doesn’t know if she should give this news to Preeta. She thinks of talking to Karan. Shrishti goes to call a doctor. Kareena asks what is happening. Nidhi learns that Rakhi fainted. She thinks if Luthras got to know about the missing baby. Rakhi gets admitted to the hospital. Nidhi doesn’t think she should tell the truth to Karan when he is already tackling issues. She worries for the baby. She tells that she will get the baby back.


  1. dr preeta this natasha she is holding babby see that please inform luthura family come there to see natasha.
    dr preeta you have mobile record send that all the luthura family be shock now days.
    nurse please say for doctor this natasha she is holding babby complian that fast don’nt waste your time.
    natasha are you lost your mind i said let babby sleep you don’nt disturb if you do like this plan otherwise dr preeta and karan he will gets upset keep the babby swing now itself.


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