Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Prachi’s love

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Prachi's love

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Pallavi and Dida pray that they get Khushi in their lives. Dida asks Aryan to go and get Khushi. Pandit tells that everyone knows Khushi there because it’s her locality. Aryan goes to get Khushi. Sahana and Dadi meet Khushi. Aryan reaches there and sees Sahana. He can’t believe that he is meeting her. They both get emotional. He tells that she didn’t call him even once. Khushi brings Dadi to the Kohlis. She runs outside. Pallavi gets to meet Abhi’s Dadi. She gets surprised. Dadi hugs Pallavi and blesses her. Dida also hugs Dadi. On the other hand, Ashok tells Prachi that he doesn’t favor anyone.

Prachi tells that she knows it, it’s the truth, Ashok doesn’t favor anyone but supports talented people, he gives a chance to those who deserve it like Ashok gave her a chance and changed her life. She respects Ashok and admires him a lot. She tells that life is all about chances. Ashok asks her not to make him cry with her speech. Ashok tells that he is rooted. She praises him. Akshay tells that Prachi can make anyone feel special. She tells that she tries to be honest and say everything from her heart. Akshay connects his laptop. The power fuse gets blown. Prachi tells that she will go and fix the fuse.


Akshay tells that he will do the work. She tells that girls can do anything, and Akshay should understand this. Ashok tells that Akshay will understand it on his own. Ranbir reaches there to meet Ashok. The lady says that Ashok missed his flight and is back in the office. She calls him lucky. He asks for Akshay. Ranbir sees Priya and tells her that he knows she isn’t Prachi. He meets Akshay and discusses work. Meanwhile, Aryan and Sahana argue over their relationship’s breaking.

She tells that she didn’t understand his question. She asks why didn’t he call her. He tells that he isn’t interested in hearing her arguments, but he feels good. He wants to fight with her. He asks her if she didn’t miss him. Khushi introduces them and takes them for the aarti. Akshay asks Ranbir how did he come. Ranbir tells that he was missing him a lot. Akshay says that he has to go to the fuse room. Ranbir tells that he wanted to talk to him about a project. Akshay complains about Ashok. Ranbir supports him. Akshay tells that he has a talent for making anyone feel special.

Ranbir tells that he tries to be honest. Akshay gets reminded of Prachi. He tells that Prachi and Ranbir are the same. Ranbir asks if he should go and meet Ashok. Akshay asks him to go and sit in the cabin, he will fix the fuse and come. Ranbir asks him to take his time. Akshay finds darkness in the fuse room. He doesn’t know much about the wiring. He puts the wrong wire and causes sparks. Harsh updates Ashok about the power failure. Ashok tells that just Prachi can help them. Prachi reaches Akshay to help him. She tells that she can help him. He asks her to forget everything he said. She checks the fuse box.

Prachi tells that she will fix the fuse, and he can go to take his call. Ranbir reaches there and finds Prachi fixing the light. They both share a moment. Dadi tells that she is very happy to meet them. She tells that Sahana has come. She is pleased to see Khushi. She tells them that Prachi is thinking of adopting Khushi. Pallavi and Dida are shocked to know this. Pallavi tells that Ranbir wants to adopt Khushi, and she will come to Kohli’s house forever. Dadi gets worried. Khushi is happy to see them having friendly terms. She asks them to get together and perform aarti. They all wish to get Khushi. Aryan and Sahana pray for Ranbir and Prachi. Laali comes there and scolds Khushi in front of everyone. She asks Khushi why did she leave the stall and come to the temple. Both family members get worried.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th March 2023 Written Update Prachi's love


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