YRKKH Upcoming Akshara accused Abhinav’s reply

YRKKH Upcoming Akshara accused Abhinav's reply

YRKKH Upcoming Akshara accused Abhinav’s reply Abhimanyu keeps calling Akshara to talk to her and get closure. Akshara doesn’t answer his calls, which makes him drive to Goenka’s house to meet her. He doesn’t notice a speeding truck and crosses the road. He gets injured on getting hit by the truck. Akshara learns about his accident and runs to help. She pleads for him to open his eyes and talk to her. He gets happy to see her attending to him. She doesn’t realize the family is staring at them. She gets to realize this much time later when she finds Manjiri reaching them. Abhimanyu tells Akshara that he knew it, and she will come to care for him.

He happily holds her hands and hugs her. He tells that he was very sure of her coming. He feels fortunate to get her. He has many things to tell her. He tells her that she is his Akshara and he knew she will come for his sake. Akshara cries asking him to open his eyes. Manjiri shoves her away. The family is stunned seeing Akshara and Abhimanyu’s nameless relationship that’s still evidently present between them. Manjiri learns that Abhimanyu came to Goenka’s house to speak to Akshara when she ignored his calls.


She accuses Akshara of neglecting Abhimanyu. She asks Akshara why didn’t she speak to him once when he called her repeatedly. She holds Akshara responsible for Abhimanyu’s accident. She tells that Akshara has proved that Abhimanyu doesn’t matter to her. She asks why did Akshara run after him after hearing about his accident. She shouts that she wants to know the reason for Akshara’s concern for Abhimanyu. She asks Akshara what is her relationship with Abhimanyu when everything is over between them. Akshara gets blamed like usual. The Goenkas fail to take a stand for Akshara. Abhinav takes a stand for Akshara.


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