Kundali Bhagya Finale Spoiler Anjali track climax

Kundali Bhagya Finale Spoiler Anjali track climax

Kundali Bhagya Finale Spoiler Anjali track climax Anjali gets decked up as the bride. She waits for her Arjun. She asks Sudha to keep the baby away. Karan, Preeta, and Shrishti reach the farmhouse. Karan fights with the goons. Shrishti tries to take the baby from Priyanka’s hand. Anjali snatches the baby. Karan and Preeta try to get their baby. Anjali threatens the baby. She tells that she will put the baby in the havan kund. Karan asks Anjali not to do this. He says that they can talk calmly. He asks her to give the baby to Priyanka. He tells her that he will do anything she says.

Anjali asks him to decide what he wants to do. She tells him that he has to marry her or else his baby will die. He asks her just to keep the baby safe. She gives the baby to Priyanka. Anjali’s goons Shambu and the team catch Preeta and tie her to the wheelchair. Anjali asks pandit to start the marriage rituals. She asks Karan and Preeta to sign the divorce papers. She tells that she can’t take risks. She gets the divorce papers. She tells that she doesn’t want Preeta to claim that her marriage with Arjun is illegal.


She compels Preeta to sign the papers if she wants to see her baby alive. Preeta unwillingly signs the papers. Anjali asks Karan to sign the divorce papers. Karan is also compelled. He looks at Preeta and his baby. He doesn’t have any option left. He signs the divorce papers. Anjali keeps the papers with her. She says that he will become of her once their marriage happens forever. She asks Karan to sit in the mandap. She holds his hand and takes him to the mandap. Pandit begins the rituals. Karan looks at Preeta helplessly. Preeta is also helpless and wishes for some miracle to happen that stops the wedding and saves her baby.

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Mohan worries when Kadambari gets arrested. He requests the inspector to leave his mom. Inspector doesn’t listen and threatens to arrest him. Kadambari asks Mohan not to argue. Mohan shouts that his mom is innocent. He promises Kadambari that he will come to help her. He falls on the road. Kadambari and Damini get worried for her. Damini shows her fake support for Mohan. Kadambari and Mohan cry for each other. Mohan vents his anger on Damini who is the root of all the problems.

He gives a big responsibility to Gungun. He asks Gungun to be with Radha and not go anywhere even briefly. He asks her to call him if she gets suspicious of anything. He tells that she shouldn’t allow anyone to meet Radha, except the doctor. Gungun promises her. Mohan tells that he will go and get his mom. Damini wants to create havoc. She says that she will ruin everything, make Mohan hate Radha, and he will not burn Radha’s pyre if she dies. Mohan suspects her. He snatches her phone. He stops her from calling anyone. He asks her to come with him to the police station.

Damini pretends innocent. Damini grows worried when he doesn’t listen to her. Gungun takes care of Radha. Mohan asks her to take care of Radha. Mohan meets Kadambari in jail. She tells that she is sure he will free her because she didn’t do anything. Damini asks him to calm down. She tells that Shekhar is trying and things will get fine. He asks her to confess the crime and make things fine. She denies it. Kadambari threatens Damini. She doesn’t want to leave Damini free if she learns about the latter’s crime. Damini tells that she will not let Kadambari come out of jail. She reaches Mohan and sheds crocodile tears. He stays unaffected. Damini wants Radha to die. Gungun prays for Radha. Radha thinks of Mohan and Gungun and gets conscious.


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