Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update Peril

Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update Peril

Kundali Bhagya 10th March 2023 Written Update Big Peril strikes Preeta. Rakhi, Kareena, and Bani are shocked to find Preeta missing from her ward. They inform Karan that Preeta is missing. Karan tells Mahesh that Preeta is with Anjali. He reveals that Anjali has kidnapped Preeta. Mahesh asks him to promise that he will get Preeta and the baby home. Karan promises him that he will get Preeta and his baby. Anjali tells Preeta that she got Preeta kidnapped from the hospital just to summon Karan. She wants Karan to come and marry her. Preeta cries helplessly. The goons tie her to the wheelchair.

Karan and Shrishti seek the police’s help in finding Anjali. Sameer and Nidhi help out Karan. Anjali calls Karan and asks him to meet her only if he agrees to marry her. She informs that Preeta and his baby are safe till now. Karan makes the police track her location. Karan and Shrishti rush to the location to meet Anjali. A huge drama occurs when Anjali compels Karan and Preeta to sign the divorce papers.



Meet and Manmeet’s wrestling match takes an interesting turn when Meet shows her real strength and smartness. She gives a tough fight to Manmeet. Meet encourages herself to stay firm on the ground, and not lose. She has to keep her name and also prove to the men that women are capable of doing anything.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Mohini hinders Aparajita and Akshay’s holi moments. She speaks to her brother. She tells that nobody can stop her from taking her husband with her. He tells that he will make all the arrangements. Veer causes a fire in the house. Aparajita’s daughters get stuck. They try to save the clothes from burning. Veer goes to get the kerosene. He hears them worrying about the fire and trying to escape.

Nidhi tells that someone is helping Anjali. Shrishti asks her to say it clearly. Nidhi tells that Anjali is her sister, and she knows her well. She feels Anjali will contact Karan. she tells that Anjali isn’t doing this alone. She gets Anjali’s note. Anjali asks Nidhi to come and meet her all alone, if Nidhi gets Karan or anyone along, then she will throw the baby from the roof. She asks Karan to go home and wait for Anjali’s call. She doesn’t know what is wrong with Anjali. She apologizes to Nidhi. Karan asks her to just go and stop Anjali.

He tells that Nidhi should go and save his baby, and if anything happens to his baby, then he will kill Anjali. He gets mad in anger. Shrishti and Sameer ask him to calm down. Anjali loses her mind thinking of Nidhi’s move that ruined her plan. She can’t believe that her sister has ditched her. She wants to punish Nidhi also. Anjali hates Nidhi. Nidhi reaches Anjali at the place where the latter called her. Anjali points a gun at her. Nidhi sheds tears. Anjali tells that she will kill Nidhi. She asks Nidhi why she wants to ruin her life. She accuses Nidhi of stopping Karan from meeting her.

Karan calls the police home. He informs about Anjali, who kidnapped his baby from the hospital. He asks Inspector to do something and save his child. Anjali tells that Karan’s baby is with her, and the baby will make her win this battle. She adds that she has called Nidhi to tell her the truth, and nobody can stop Karan from marrying her. She wants to compel Karan into marriage. She tells that Nidhi will lose Karan once again. Nidhi cries about seeing Anjali’s worst side. Anjali tells that she wanted to see sadness and sorrow on Nidhi’s face. Nidhi asks her to stop the madness and return the baby.

Anjali doesn’t listen. She tells that Karan will marry her. She calls Karan. The police tap the call. Karan tells that he can’t avoid the call. He answers the call. Anjali tells that her mood gets better when she hears his voice. He asks her to shut up. She asks him to talk to her nicely. She shocks him by revealing that she has his baby and also his wife. Karan asks what nonsense is she saying. She asks him to lower his tone. She tells that she will hurt his baby and wife, but right now, they are safe. Karan tells Shrishti that Preeta is with Anjali. He can’t believe it. He calls Mahesh to ask him.

Nidhi asks Anjali to stop it, she can’t win Karan’s love, but his hatred. Anjali tells that Preeta will be out of Karan’s life soon. She scolds Nidhi for slapping her and hurting her. Mahesh tells that it’s Karan’s call. Mahesh answers Karan’s call. Shrishti calls Rakhi and asks about Preeta. Mahesh and Rakhi rush to the room and don’t find Preeta there. They ask where is Preeta. Rakhi asks Shrishti about Preeta. She wants to know the truth. Karan tells the family that Anjali has kidnapped Preeta. They receive another shock. Kareena asks how can this happen. Rakhi cries for Preeta.

Karan asks Mahesh to handle Rakhi. He asks about Rishabh. Mahesh tells that Rishabh went to get the baby from the care unit, and they will go home soon. He asks Karan to promise that he will bring Preeta and the baby home. Karan promises him. He tells that he will go and get his family back. Inspector tells that they will try to find Anjali’s location. Priyanka tells Anjali that the baby is cute and handsome. Anjali tells that the baby is Karan’s son. Priyanka asks what will she do if Karan doesn’t come. Anjali tells that Karan will come for his baby’s sake. She asks Priyanka to wait and watch.

Shambu and his goons get Preeta there. Anjali tells Priyanka that Shambu is on her side. He tells that he didn’t make any mistake in kidnapping this time. He shows Preeta’s face. Anjali tells that she will not repeat any mistake in marriage this time, and she will marry Karan for sure. She tells Preeta that she will become Karan’s bride today. She knows Karan will come for Preeta and the baby’s sake. She calls Preeta the root of all the problems.

She asks Shambu to keep an eye on Preeta. She tells that she will go and get decked up. Shambu laughs at her madness for Karan. He tells Priyanka that Anjali is psycho. Priyanka tells that it’s interesting to watch Anjali marrying Karan. The family takes the other baby home. They meet Karan and ask what did he find. Karan tells that Anjali has Preeta and the baby captive. Rishabh asks Inspector what is he doing. Inspector tells them that Anjali is a psycho, she will call Karan again and this time she will be caught. He doesn’t think she will harm Preeta and the baby.

Anjali gets decked up as the bride. She asks Priyanka to praise her looks. She tells that she is Karan’s bride. She wants everything to be perfect. She calls Karan. Inspector asks him to drag the call for a minimum of one minute. Anjali tells Karan that she is sure he was missing her because they couldn’t meet because of Nidhi. She wants to snatch her rights. She asks him to come and meet her at the new location. Karan rebukes her for falling so much. He tells that he regarded her as a friend and she backstabbed him. He asks about Preeta and the baby.

She asks him not to get angry, his wife and baby are okay. He asks for the address. She tells that she will call later. She asks him to meet her doctor-friend, he will guide him and bring him to her. She asks him to come alone. She tells that if he gets anyone this time, then he will never see his wife and baby again. She asks Shambu to get Karan and also a pandit. Inspector tells that Anjali is smart, the call didn’t get tracked till now, but they will try to find her location. Karan tells that he must protect Preeta and his baby. He appears confident and leaves home.


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