Udaariyaan 10th March 2023 Update Advait arrested

Udaariyaan 10th March 2023 Update Advait arrested

Udaariyaan 10th March 2023 Update Advait arrested Nehmat waits for Harleen at the Holika Dahan. Ekam tells her that they shall wait for some more time, and if Harleen doesn’t turn up, he will look for her. Nehmat calls Harleen. She gets panicking and feels Harleen is in danger. Rupy makes Ekam light the holika. Ekam ignites the fire to the Holika and doesn’t see Harleen there. The family members perform the Holika Dahan, while Nehmat goes in search of Harleen. She finds Harleen’s phone fallen there. She gets much worried and looks around for more clues. She finds Harleen’s shoes and also sees some marks on the ground, while someone got dragged.

She follows the trail and prays she finds a clue to reach Harleen. She worries that Harleen might be in some trouble. She rushes to the Holika, where the trail ends. She checks the Holika and sights Harleen’s dupatta. She is shocked to realize that Harleen is inside the Holika. Nehmat shouts to alert Ekam and the family about Harleen caught up inside the burning Holika. The family rescues Harleen, thanks to Nehmat. Harleen is rushed to the hospital, where she gets treated and saved. Harleen reveals Advait’s name as the attacker, who tried to kill her.


Harleen tells them that she will file a complaint against Advait. Nehmat encourages her to get Advait arrested. In the upcoming promo, Advait gets arrested. He learns that Nehmat and Harleen have lodged complaints against him. He loses his cool. He meets them and is seen raging. He goes to catch Nehmat and Harleen’s neck and hurt them. Ekam comes there and grabs Advait’s neck to make him away from the girls. Ekam becomes their protector. He throws Advait inside the cell. Ekam vows to get Advait punished for his sins.


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