Anupama 11th March 2023 Written Update Anu’s decision

Anupama 11th March 2023 Written Update Anu's decision

Anupama 11th March 2023 Written Update Anu’s decision Maya tells Anu that she loves her a lot and she can’t live without her daughter. She is glad that Anu has got parents. She emotionally blackmails Anu that she is all alone, but she will manage her life alone, even when Anuj and Anupama have many children. Maya wishes that she wasn’t helpless to leave Anu at the orphanage. She tells that she wishes Anu to live with her. Anuj and Anupama have a romantic moment. The couples dance to a romantic song. They enjoy the party well. Maya’s tears hurt Anu’s heart. She tells that it’s too difficult to live alone. She feels she is cursed to live and die alone. Anu tells that Maya isn’t alone.

She hugs Maya and tells her that she won’t stay with Anuj and Anupama if she is the cause of their fights. She tells that she will go with Maya. Maya gets happy. She has finally convinced Anu to come with her. Anuj and Anupama return home. She hugs him and thanks him for making her birthday the best. Anuj thanks her for coming into his life. She doesn’t want anyone’s bad sight to strike their happy family. Anuj goes to change. He asks Anupama to go and check on Anu. Anupama shouts to call Anuj to Anu’s room. He runs to her and asks why did she shout.


Anupama shows Anu missing. They see an empty wardrobe. They find Maya’s goodbye note. Anupama tells that Maya didn’t go alone, she has taken her Anu and they both are gone. Anupama and Anuj scream. Barkha, Ankush, and Dimple hear their scream and rush to Anu’s room. Anupama tells that Maya took away their daughter. She asks Anuj to come, they will find Anu and bring her back. Anupama tells the family that Maya has taken Anu. Anirudh drops Kavya home. He tells that he can sit all night to talk to her.

She tells that she isn’t sure about herself. She gets a shocking message and worriedly runs inside the house. Anirudh grows worried seeing her reaction and follows her to know the matter. Anuj tries hard to find Anu. He asks the family why didn’t they learn about Maya’s leaving. Ankush tells that Maya has changed the cab so that they don’t track her. Anuj panics that he has lost his daughter. Anupama doesn’t want to fall weak. She thinks to find her daughter and also support her husband.

Kavya runs to call the family. She asks them didn’t they check the message that Maya has taken Anu away. Anupama tries to calm down Anuj. He questions what kind of a mother is she. The Shahs are worried that Anuj and Anupama lost their Anu. Vanraj tells that Maya has done a wrong thing. They get angry with Maya. Samar tells that Anu has left a note for them, Maya has convinced her to go with her, and they are seen going happily in the footage. Leela tells that Anupama should have not been given a chance to Maya.

She calls it Anupama’s mistake. Maya calls Anuj. He is stunned. He answers the call. Anu speaks to them. Anuj asks her if she is okay. He asks her to come back home. Anu tells that she is okay and she is with Maya. She asks them to not come to take her. She tells her decision of staying with Maya. Anuj asks how can she stay with Maya when she is their daughter. Anupama tells that they will sit together and talk. She asks her location. Anu tells that she is happy with Maya and they are going to go very far from the city.


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