Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Preeran victory

Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Preeran victory

Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Preeran victory Preeta takes a gun from the Inspector and points it at Anjali. She tells that she will shoot Anjali if the latter dares to touch her baby. Karan angrily rebukes Anjali. He asks Inspector to arrest Anjali and Priyanka. He hugs Preeta and his baby. Anjali tells that she won’t be in jail for long. She meets Nidhi in jail and tells that she wants to get free. She asks Nidhi to bail her out. Nidhi asks her to apologize to Karan and Preeta, and leave her madness. Anjali refuses to apologize.

Nidhi asks her to stay in jail still her mind starts working again. She wants Anjali to repent for her evil actions. Anjali is still revengeful against Karan and Preeta. Karan and Preeta go home with their baby. The Luthras get glad that Karan kept his promise and brought Preeta and the baby home. Karan tells that Anjali won’t be able to harm them. Anjali tries to leave jail and trouble Preeran. Anjali argues with Shrishti and Nidhi. Shrishti tells Anjali that she should be ashamed of her actions. She warns Anjali to stay away from Karan, Preeta, and their babies. Anjali misbehaves with her. Nidhi apologizes on her behalf. Anjali has no regret. Anjali refuses to apologize to anyone.


Constable finds Anjali throwing unnecessary tantrums and calls her a psycho. Anjali says that she won’t apologize to anyone, but she will make her enemies say sorry. She behaves like a total psycho and attacks Priyanka in the cell when the latter asks her to apologize to Karan, Preeta, and Nidhi. Anjali tells that she can find alternate ways to get free from jail. She is ready to spend money and get her freedom. Who will help Anjali? Keep reading for a full update.

Kundali Bhagya 12th March 2023 Written Update Preeran victory:

Preeta slaps Anjali and stops the sindoor ritual. She asks Anjali how dare she force Karan to marry. Anjali asks the goons to shoot Preeta. Karan gets up from the mandap to save Preeta. He gets into a fight with the goons. Anjali asks Priyanka to take the baby away. Preeta and Shrishti catch Priyanka and take the baby from her. Shrishti slaps Priyanka. Preeta hugs her baby. Anjali attacks Preeta. Preeta’s baby falls off her hand. Anjali beats up Preeta and pulls her back. Preeta fights to get her baby. She takes her baby. Preeta tells Anjali that she will kill her if she dares to snatch her baby.

The police reach there in time and catch the goons. Anjali gets caught. Karan and Preeta hug their baby. Anjali sees Nidhi there. She asks Nidhi if is she happy to see her arrest. Nidhi asks her why did she go mad in love she didn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Anjali asks why would she regret it. Nidhi asks her to regret the wrong. Anjali tells that she did everything to get her love. Shrishti slaps Anjali. She scolds Anjali for falling for a married man.

She asks her how could she blackmail Karan by stealing his child. She asks her to have some shame. She thanks Nidhi for helping them so much. She tells that she does what she tells, she will not spare her and she will come back. Inspector arrests Anjali. Shrishti finds Nidhi crying. She understands Nidhi’s emotions. She apologizes to her. She asks Nidhi where is she going. Nidhi tells that she can’t meet Karan and Preeta out of shame. Karan and Preeta inform the family that their baby is fine, and they are coming home.

Kareena tells that Shrishti is irresponsible, and she didn’t tell them the exact arrival time. Sameer asks her not to say this. Rakhi senses that her children have come. Mahesh tells that Rakhi’s sixth sense works sharply. Karan and Preeta come home with their baby and Shrishti. Rakhi asks them to come inside. Rishabh hugs Karan. Preeta meets her other baby. Kavya asks her brother not to go anywhere without her permission. Rakhi asks them to go and take a rest. Anjali refuses to enter the cell, stating that it’s dirty. Inspector tells that her deeds are dirtier than the cell. She is thrown inside the cell.

She asks the inspector to let her meet her sister once. Priyanka worries. She is also put inside the cell. Preeta takes care of her babies. She tells that she will never leave him. Karan tells that the younger one will get more love. Preeta tells that she will love all her babies equally. Kavya comes to sleep with the babies. Nidhi meets Anjali at the police station. Anjali asks Nidhi how is she feeling now. Nidhi tells that she loves Anjali a lot, but she should have not loved her so much and spoilt her. Anjali tells that she has valid reasons to do this. Nidhi asks how can she justify kidnapping a newborn.

Anjali asks her to forget it. She asks Nidhi if she loved Karan and felt anything for him. She doesn’t think Nidhi loves Karan, or else she would have not let her go away. Nidhi asks her why did she call her. She asks Nidhi to bring her out of jail and take her home. Nidhi apologizes that she can’t trust Anjali. She asks Anjali to stay in jail and realizes her mistake. She tells that Anjali should have apologized and asked for help, then she should have fought the world for her sister, but sadly Anjali has no regrets. Anjali doesn’t apologize to her. She tells that she has no regrets.

Nidhi tells that Anjali needs a doctor now. Anjali tells that she needs Karan. Nidhi asks the constable to take Anjali away. Anjali asks Nidhi not to leave. Kavya finds someone taking her brother. She sees Karan and Preeta sleeping. She goes out of the room and goes and catches the person. Karan wakes up and finds Kavya and the baby missing. He wonders where is his baby. He shouts and looks for Kavya. The family hears him screaming and asks him about the matter. Karan tells that someone kidnapped Kavya and the baby. The family is shocked. They rush and look for Kavya.

They find Shrishti with Kavya and the baby. They ask Shrishti why did she get the baby with her. Kareena tells that Shrishti has stolen the baby and made them worry. Shrishti asks them to calm down. She tells that she couldn’t spend time with the babies. She wants to shower love on the babies. Rakhi tells that even she didn’t get a chance to love the babies. Kavya tells that they had planned to go on an outing. Rishabh gets angry at them for mocking their emotions. He calls it wrong. Shrishti tells that she didn’t teach anything to Kavya. Kavya tells that she taught this to Shrishti.

Karan asks Kavya not to take Shrishti seriously. He asks for one week, then he will take them on a long drive. Shrishti asks Mahesh to ask Sameer, who was taking them on a long drive. Rakhi scolds Sameer. Shrishti tells them that the baby understands her, the baby was winking at her. Kareena asks her to plan her baby if she loves babies so much. Shrishti asks why would she plan her baby when she is getting a readymade baby. Rakhi calls her silly. Sameer asks Shrishti not to worry, they will plan their babies. Shrishti tells that she wants to love Preeta’s babies as her baby.


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