Anupama 13th March 2023 Written Update Anuj shatters

Anupama 13th March 2023 Written Update Anuj shatters

Anupama 13th March 2023 Written Update Anuj shatters Anuj asks Anupama will they meet their daughter for the last time. He asks Anupama how can she call it their last meeting. Barkha and Ankush ask him not to blame Anupama, who is trying to call Maya and Anu home. They say Anuj would have not met Anu if Anupama hadn’t convinced Maya. Anuj asks Anupama how did she lose so soon and gives their daughter to Maya. He asks her how can she lose without fighting. Anupama hugs him and asks him to calm down. She doesn’t want him to hurt himself. She asks what could they do. She tells that they can’t take Anu to court, knowing Maya has a legal right to Anu.

She doesn’t want Anu to suffer because they clashed with Maya. She tells him they would have lost everything if Anu had lost her faith. He asks if they will lose without fighting. She tells that they will fight with love, patience, and maturity. She wants to explain to Maya that Anu will be happy with them. Anuj tells that they begged Maya, who didn’t listen to them. Anupama tells that they will beg Maya for Anu’s sake. She doesn’t want to hurt Anu by dragging her to the court.


He gets infuriated by her decision. She knows it’s really difficult for them to send Anu away. She asks him to accept the truth. He asks her if she is not hurt to say this. She tells that she is also heartbroken and she is in pain, but he can’t see her pain. She asks Anuj not to doubt her love and pain. Anuj asks what about a father’s pain. He tells that he can understand that she isn’t hurt because she has her three children with her, and she will run to them to help them, but he doesn’t have his daughter, only Anu is his world and Anu is going away from him today.

He tells Anupama that she has two loving families, but he can’t tolerate that she is losing his Anu. He asks her how can she ask him to wait and watch his world’s destruction. He apologizes and tells her that he will not agree with the situation. He goes angered. He vents his anger. He shatters. Ankush asks Anupama to leave Anuj for some time. Dimple also consoles Anupama. Anupama is broken. On the other hand, Kavya blames herself that Maya has taken away Anu. She tells that Anupama and Anuj don’t deserve this sorrow. She feels responsible for severing Anu’s ties with them.

She tells that Maya is doing this to take revenge, she is hurt because Anuj didn’t reciprocate her feelings and she is hurting Anupama now. Kinjal consoles her. Samar informs them about Anuj and Anupama’s big fight because of Maya. They get worried about Anupama’s relationship. Anupama goes to apologize to Anuj. She is sorry if she has hurt him. She asks him to believe her that she is also losing her breath to live without her daughter. She tells that she wants to vent her anger, but she can’t do it, because she has to handle the situation.

She asks Anuj to understand that their power and money can’t bring Anu back. She says that they should convince Maya that Anu will be happy with them. She asks him to let Maya come back. She pacifies him. She tells that it’s their last chance to convince Maya. Anuj asks her to not let Anu go away from them. She tells that she will fix everything. She gives him hope that the day will bring a new morning into their lives. Shahs discuss Maya and Anupama’s clash. Leela doesn’t think Maya will return Anu to Anuj and Anupama. Kavya hopes that Maya understands Anu’s happiness with her parents. Leela tells that Maya might ask for something instead of Anu. They ask her to pray.


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