Aashiqana 15th March 2023 Spoiler Shivani’s secret

Aashiqana 15th March 2023 Spoiler Shivani's secret

Aashiqana 15th March 2023 Spoiler Shivani’s secret Yash saves an injured Chikki and brings her home. She soon becomes a target of her Dadi. Dadi insults her, and this drives Yash angry. He takes a stand for Chikki. He asks Dadi to not belittle Chikki. Dadi tells that Chikki can never become her Bahu. She scolds Chikki for having a child before marriage. She suggests that Chikki has lost her child and now she is gaining sympathy. Shivani finds it difficult to hear more insulting remarks against Chikki. She breaks her silence. She tells that she will tell the truth which she must have told them before. Chikki asks her not to say anything. Yash realizes that Shivani and Chikki are hiding a big secret.



Janardhan rebukes Ayaan for chasing Faltu, after knowing the consequences. Ayaan is helpless to obey Janardhan. He wants to help Faltu and keep his promise and responsibility. He feels responsible for Faltu’s problems. He doesn’t want her to run away from her. He decides to help her secretly. Vishal meets Rocky, unaware that she is Faltu. Faltu befriends him and spikes his drink. She plans to provoke him to accept the truth. She wants to know for whom did Vishal work. Kanika plans to get Ayaan framed in the entire mess. She wants Faltu to lose faith in Ayaan and leave his life forever.

Vishal praises Faltu as a cricketer. He tells that he has seen Faltu’s talent, but the poor girl couldn’t fight her rich enemies. He tells rich people to have their egos to satisfy, and Faltu has hurt someone’s ego, because of which she has got herself ruined. She asks the name of the person who framed her. He says that few people didn’t like her cricket, and he was offered a job to ruin her career. He accepts that he has taken the money to defame Faltu and throw her out of the academy. She is in shock. She records his confession to use it as proof of her innocence. Will Vishal take Ayaan’s name and put her into a fix? Keep reading.


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