GHKPM Upcoming 15th March 2023 New entry

GHKPM Upcoming 15th March 2023 New entry

GHKPM Upcoming 15th March 2023 New entry Sai meets a guy who offers her help. He sees the lady fallen unconscious. He tells that the lady has got a heart attack, which is evident by her pale face. Sai doesn’t believe it. She tells that the lady would have taken insulin shot, and maybe she is in shock. She asks someone to call for an ambulance. He tells that he has already for an ambulance. They rush the stranger lady to the hospital. The guy learns that Sai is also a doctor. She asks him not to accompany her. Pakhi gives a warning to the family, who are shortening their distance with Sai deliberately for Savi’s sake.

She tells Virat that Sai is just a guest in their house. She doesn’t want any confusion. Bhavani tells that Pakhi can’t change the fate. She tells that Sai will have a new start in her life. She is happy for Sai. Sai meets the same guy in the hospital, and learns that he is a doctor too. Senior introduces him to Sai. The guy asks Sai if she doesn’t trust the internet. He advises her to check about him on the internet and find out his merits and work.


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Krish and Shweta dance in front of Shiva. Krish tries hard to keep Shweta out of Shiva’s sight. Shweta is drunk. She doesn’t realize what she is doing. She pushes Krish away, when he tried to stop her from facing Shiva. Shiva and Shweta come face to face. Krish fears the worst to occur. He doesn’t want his brother to receive any mental strain because of Shweta. Shiva recognizes Shweta.

He is shocked to see her after six years. On the other hand, Chiku is heartbroken that Dhara isn’t his real mother, and he is her adopted son. He is mistaken that she wants to get rid of him. He is hurt that she has lied to him and kept him in darkness. He recalls the times when he asked her about his birthplace and time, and she refused to answer him. He realizes that she had no answer to tell him. He tells that he will never forgive her. He wants to leave the house, before Dhara throws her out. Dhara gets afraid that he may take a wrong step, after knowing the truth.


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