Imlie 15th March 2023 New entry in Imlie’s life

Imlie 15th March 2023 New entry in Imlie's life

Imlie 15th March 2023 New entry in Imlie’s life Imlie and Atharv have a tractor ride. They enjoy their time with their family. They make the trip a memorable one. Everyone enjoys their trip to the village. Imlie and Atharv are seen enjoying moments of love. They reach the village home. Imlie tells them that she will take them for sightseeing. Ranas visit the village and find it special. Imlie tells Atharv that she got the courage to fight for the truth because of her parents. She cries when she misses them. Atharv promises her that he will always support her.

He asks her to do whatever she wants and will cheer for her. Imlie’s love story goes towards completion. Atharv supports her in making her name and career. She takes up a job in a transport company. Dhairya meets her and taunts her for bagging the job easier when she has no experience. He tells that she has snatched his position. She asks him if he means that she can’t work in a transport company just because she is a girl. He tells that his thinking isn’t such feeble, he doesn’t differentiate between men and women, but the truth is, she lacks experience and can’t do this job. She says that she will prove she can do anything. Keep reading for more news.


Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal:

Isha gets to know the truth about her parents. She breaks down knowing she is an adopted child. Armaan consoles her. He hugs Isha and asks her to stop crying. Isha isn’t able to deal with the life-changing truth. She gets emotional. He knew the truth already but didn’t tell about it. He didn’t want her to get hurt. Isha falls in love with Armaan. Their love will get rekindled in the coming track.


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