Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s wife

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir's wife

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s wife Prachi meets the inspector. She tells him that she wants to meet Ranbir. He asks her if she is his lawyer. She tells that she came with Khushi, and she wants to meet Ranbir and know about the case. He asks her to call the lawyer. She tells that she should know what happened actually. He asks her to speak to the girl. She tells that the girl is already tortured. He tells that the men were fighting in front of the little girl. He asks why people have children when they can’t handle this. Prachi asks Khushi to go out and sit in her car. Khushi asks her to promise, she will bring Ranbir out of jail. Prachi tells that it’s a promise and that she will free Ranbir. She gets permission to meet Ranbir. Constable asks Ranbir to meet the person who came for him. Ranbir gets angry at Balbeer.

Ranbir goes to the meeting room. He is surprised to meet Prachi. He asks her what is she doing here. Prachi tells that she has come to free him from jail. She asks what he did and he is in the lockup. She scolds him for indulging in fights. Ranbir asks her not to blame him. He says that Balbeer has slapped Khushi so hard that she had marks on her face. She is shocked to know this. He tells her that it’s wrong for him and that he will do anything to save her. He argues with her. She goes back to meet the inspector.


Ranbir tells that it’s good she left, after all, she just knows to fight him. He gets angry that she thinks he can’t manage his life without her. He tells her that he doesn’t need her. Inspector asks Prachi if Ranbir’s wife can come as a guarantor for him. She tells that Ranbir’s wife doesn’t need to come because she is already here. She tells that she is Ranbir’s wife, Prachi Ranbir Kohli and she will give him a guarantee to him. Khushi learns this big truth and is pleasantly surprised.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s wife:

Ranbir tells Prachi how Balbeer has mishandled Khushi. He tells that it might be a normal thing for Prachi, but it’s wrong in his eyes. He asks her if she doesn’t know him, but he doesn’t fight, he went to explain to Balbeer and asks him to apologize to Khushi, but Balbeer fought with him. Prachi asks him why can’t he control his anger. He asks her how can she judge someone so quickly. She asks him how he gets hurt. He tells that he had to answer them to protect Khushi. She asks if Khushi is safe right now, after this fight. He asks what’s the option, what she thinks, and what she would do.

She tells that Khushi was crying when she met her, all thanks to Ranbir. Ranbir asks how would he see Balbeer beating Khushi. He tells that he couldn’t see Khushi crying and getting in pain. He adds that Balbeer is a goon, has no goodness and humanity, and doesn’t understand love. He tells that he has done the right thing to protect Khushi. She asks him to understand that Balbeer can get more dangerous and beat Khushi more. He asks her how can she blame him always. He asks why did she come when she can’t understand him. She doesn’t know it. He tells that she came to prove him guilty. She refuses. He asks her why didn’t she ask him why did this happen.

He asks her why didn’t she ask if he is okay when she can see his wounds. He is upset that she always scolds him. She tells that there is no use in scolding him. He asks her to leave. She tells that he deserves to get arrested. He thanks her for angering him. He tells her that she can’t control her anger and then she asks him to control his anger. Constable asks them to stop arguing. Prachi complains about Ranbir. She leaves the meeting room. He tells her that it’s good she left. Constable takes him to the cell. Akshay thinks of calling Prachi. He calls her. She answers the call before he disconnects.

He asks her if she was sleeping. She tells that she wasn’t sleeping. He gets to hear the sound and asks where is she. He learns that she is at the police station. He thinks to go there and help her. Khushi asks Prachi where is her Shiv. Prachi tells that maybe she can’t help him. Khushi asks her to not go without helping him. She recalls his words. She tells that Shiv wanted her to inform his family. She doesn’t have their contact number. She asks Prachi to drop her at Kohli’s house.

She tells that she visited them some days back. She asks Prachi to come with her. Prachi doesn’t want to meet Kohlis again. She is scared of Pallavi’s reaction. Khushi tells that she has to free Shiv because he is arrested because of her. She asks Prachi to help Ranbir, he is hurt and he is in pain. Prachi asks her to calm down. Khushi tells that she will talk to the inspector. Prachi asks her if she loves Ranbir so much. Khushi tells that she loves him a lot, and even he loves her a lot. Prachi takes her to the inspector. Balbeer asks Laali to free him. She tells that Khushi has refused to lie.

He tells that he will not spare Khushi once he gets freed. She asks about his friends. He tells that they are in another cell. He blames her for losing control of Khushi. She tells that Khushi is true and good since birth, she doesn’t lie ever, and she always speaks the truth. He asks her to get lost. She tells that she will talk to the lawyer and bail him out. He asks her not to lecture him. She gets angry when he insults her. He tells that once he goes out, he will see Khushi and Laali. Prachi asks the constable about the inspector. Constable tells that Inspector will come in some time. Prachi waits there.

She recalls Ranbir’s words. She feels bad seeing Khushi. She cries saying she isn’t like Ranbir, she doesn’t take impulsive decisions but she will warn Balbeer. She tells that Laali will stop Balbeer. Khushi recalls Laali telling the truth that she isn’t her real mother. She tells that Laali gets too angry. Prachi tells that everyone gets angry, but it’s wrong when they hurt someone in anger. Khushi tells that she has done something good so Matarani made her meet her Parvati and Shiv. She adds that Ranbir had come home to scold Balbeer and explain Laali when he saw her hurt.

She thanks Prachi for coming on her call. She feels lucky and thanks her. Prachi cries emotionally. Khushi consoles her. Prachi asks her not to thank her. Khushi asks her if she will always be there for her. Prachi promises her. They hug and weep. Prachi meets the inspector and tells that Ranbir is innocent, Balbeer is wrong to hurt Khushi, and Ranbir just went to explain to Balbeer his mistake. Inspector tells that he has seen them fighting. She tells that she is saying the truth. He tells that he has done his duty and arrested them for the fight.

She asks him to ask Khushi, she is a witness and she can tell him the truth. Khushi asks Inspector to believe her, Ranbir didn’t do anything, he was talking, but Balbeer started beating him and showed a knife to threaten him. Inspector tells that he can leave Ranbir if anyone from his family comes and gives the guarantee. He tells that his wife can come and guarantee that he won’t do this again. He asks her if Ranbir’s wife can come as a guarantor. Prachi thinks about Khushi’s happiness.

She tells that she is Ranbir’s wife, Prachi Ranbir Kohli. She gives the guarantee. Khushi is surprised to know this. Ashok asks Akshay where is he going at night. Akshay lies to him about the car parking issue. He asks Ashok to sleep. Inspector asks Prachi what did she say. Prachi tells that she is Ranbir’s wife and she will sign as a guarantor. Inspector asks why didn’t she tell this before. Ranbir tells that it’s good Prachi left and that he doesn’t need her. He asks what is she to him now.

Prachi tells the inspector that Ranbir and she had fights between them. He asks her will she break the relationship due to little fights. She tells that they had a big issue and got separated. He asks her the reason. She says that she can’t tell the personal reasons. She doesn’t think this has any relation to the case. She tells that Ranbir is a nice person, he is clean-hearted, he can’t see wrong happening with anyone, and he raises his voice against injustice. She praises him that he never lies and always supports the truth.



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