Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Anjali escapes

Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Anjali escapes

Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Anjali escapes Anjali tells Priyanka that six months are over, and today they will get shifted to another jail. She says they will get free and ruin Preeta’s life. Anjali wants to cast an eclipse on Preeta’s happiness. She tells Priyanka that she will escape fulfilling her motives. Rakhi gets her hand burnt by the diya. She drops the aarti plate. She worries about the bad omen and tells Kareena that something bad is going to happen. Kareena pacifies her. Anjali tells Priyanka that she had promised to free the latter from jail and today she is going to keep her promise. Priyanka is glad. They both hold hands.

Anjali tells that she will take her revenge as she has planned. She tells Priyanka that Preeta and Karan would be six months old now and would be pleased to celebrate their six months of happiness. She wants Preeta to sense the eclipse coming over their happiness. She has made a plan to flee from jail. She tells Priyanka that she will burn Preeta’s happiness by making it the last day of her happy family. She tells that she has given a few months of happiness to Preeta, just to make sure that Preeta receives a big shock when she snatches everything from her. Priyanka supports Anjali.


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan:

Radha asks Gungun to take care of Mohan, and not get scared of Damini. She tells that they will see Damini. Mohan asks Shekhar to take Radha to the police station. Radha goes to get Damini home. Gungun hugs Mohan and cries. Mohan consoles her. Damini doesn’t accept defeat. She tells that she has never learned to lose. She is sure that even this time, she will not lose. She finds Radha and Shekhar coming to take the complaint back. Radha is compelled to take Damini home.

Damini calls it her victory. She says that it was her plan. She pities Radha. She suggests that Radha couldn’t win Mohan’s trust. Radha tells that she doesn’t need to explain her place in Mohan’s life. She reveals that she is Mohan’s wife. She scolds Damini. She suggests that she has come to fulfill her husband’s wish. Damini tells that Mohan doesn’t accept Radha as his wife. Radha doesn’t care what Mohan believes.

Kundali Bhagya 14th March 2023 Written Update Anjali escapes:

Rishabh plays with the babies. Karan and Rakhi get happy. Kavya tells that she is doing homework herself, she is studying well so that she can teach her brothers. She tells that Rishabh has taught this to him. She complains about Shaurya, who did an argument with her. Karan and Rakhi ask her how did the baby argue with Kavya. Kavya tells that the baby was making sounds and talking. Karan asks her how did she understand their language. Kavya tells that she can understand them well. Rakhi calls her a grandma. Karan finds Rishabh getting emotional. Rishabh tells that it’s a beautiful feeling.

He tells that Kavya was too little and now she has become an elder sister to the babies. He finds it a joy to spend time with babies. Karan tells that Rishabh has become a kid himself. Rishabh asks him to go to the office, till he cherishes these moments of the babies’ childhood. Rakhi advises Karan to take an off from work, or else he will miss the babies’ precious memories. Karan asks if he should also leave his work. Rishabh tells that these moments won’t come back again. The family takes care of the babies well. A short leap of four months is seen. The family spends time with Rudraksh and Shaurya.

Rakhi tells that the babies have gone on Karan. Shrishti tells that the boys are handsome, they got good looks from Preeta. Karan tells that the babies are handsome like him. Rishabh tells that babies should be healthy, wealthy, and fit. Rakhi wishes that her family always stays happy. After one month, Anjali is seen counting the days until her freedom. She tells that five months are over, and just one month is left. Priyanka asks about her plan. Rishabh and Sameer get ready for the office. Rishabh asks them about the babies. They hear Shrishti laughing. He finds Shrishti inside the kids’ tent.

He asks her what is she doing there with the babies. Shrishti tells that he always disturbs them. Sameer tells that he will play with the babies. Rishabh tells that he will get the babies on his back. Rakhi asks them not to fight, or else the babies will get scared. Rishabh and Sameer play with the kids. Rakhi is much happy at the sight. Another month passes, and Anjali tells that six months are over and they will get shifted from jail. She wants to go away and get free so that she can ruin Preeta’s life. Constable asks her to come because the prisoners are getting shifted to another jail.

Anjali reminds the plan to the cellmate. Kareena asks Rakhi what happened to her when she was going to perform a puja. Rakhi tells that it’s a solar eclipse today, but Preeta wants to take the babies for vaccination, but she isn’t listening to her. She asks Preeta to go for a vaccination tomorrow. Preeta tells that the eclipse isn’t harmful to health. She doesn’t take her words seriously. Kareena asks Rakhi not to worry, everything will be fine. She sends Rakhi to the temple. Rakhi performs the aarti. She gets a burn from the diya blame and drops the aarti plate. Kareena reaches her.

Rakhi tells that it’s a bad omen, the aarti plate fell, which marks a bad occurrence. She feels restless. Inspector lectures Anjali and the other prisoners about the new jail. She asks them to behave well in the new jail. She makes them sit until the van comes. Anjali tells Priyanka that she will keep her promise and make her escape. She thanks Priyanka for her help. She promises to pay money to the cellmate. Priyanka and the lady argue deliberately. Anjali executes her plan. Inspector intervenes and tells that she will shoot if they don’t end the fight.

Rakhi tells Kareena that she will ask Biji to call Preeta and stop her. Preeta tells that she already heard them. Rishabh and Karan run to catch Kavya. Preeta tells that she will go and come soon. Kareena tells that Rakhi is tense and Preeta shouldn’t take risks. Preeta tells that the doctor is leaving for the UK, she won’t be available later, and she is the best doctor for the babies’ vaccination. She asks them not to worry. She promises to return home soon. Karan and Preeta take the babies and leave from home. Rakhi wishes they stay fine. Anjali takes advantage of the ongoing fight and leaves from there.

Anjali comes to Nidhi’s house. She cuts off the power line. She attacks the servant and makes him fall unconscious. Nidhi sees Anjali. Anjali shocks her. She tells that Nidhi will pay for her mistakes. She wants to gift death to Preeta and Nidhi as well. She attacks Nidhi. Nidhi reminds that they are sisters. Anjali rebukes her for ruining her life. Nidhi tries to run and save her life. Anjali doesn’t let her run. She hits on Nidhi’s head. She finds Karan’s incoming call on Nidhi’s phone. Nidhi locks Anjali inside the house and runs away. Anjali answers Karan’s call. Karan tells Nidhi that he is taking the babies to the hospital and he won’t be able to attend the meeting. Anjali learns his schedule and rushes to the hospital.


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