Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Update Anu bids bye

Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Update Anu bids bye

Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Update Anu bids bye Anupama pleads with Maya to not take Anu with her. Maya tells that Anupama is a great mother to her children, but not to Anu. She blames Anupama for ignoring Anu and giving priority to her children. Anupama tells that she doesn’t differentiate between her children and Anu. Maya tells that everyone has noticed this. She asks Anuj if she is saying wrong. Anupama asks her not to say this. Maya reminds Anupama to question herself, how much time did she spend with Anu when she knew that a big decision about Anu’s future is due? She tells that Anupama gives her priority to her children, who can’t handle their lives.

She doesn’t want to give Anu to Anupama, knowing Anu won’t be taken care of. She tells that she was helpless to leave Anu in the ashram. She tells Anupama that she is much more connected to the Shah family, and she won’t have any time for Anuj’s family. She doesn’t want Anu to get an incomplete mother, who can’t give her complete love. She puts Anupama in a fix. Anupama and Anuj spend their last time with Anu.


They wish Anu doesn’t leave them. They break down when Anu leaves with Maya. Anuj tells that he can’t live without Anu. Maya tells that nobody can separate Anu and her. She is glad that Anu has chosen her real mother instead Anuj and Anupama. She hides that she has manipulated Anu. Anu wants Anuj and Anupama to stay happy. She goes away for their sake. She feels they deserve happiness. Maya tells that Anuj and Anupama will be happy now when Anu has left their house. The entire family fails in convincing Maya. Maya cleverly turns Anuj against Anupama. Will Anuj blame Anupama for Anu’s loss? Keep reading.

Anupama 15th March 2023 Written Update Anu bids bye:

Maya calls Anupama a better mother for her children, but an incomplete mother for Anu. She tells that Anu isn’t paying attention to Anu. Hasmukh and Kavya tell that it was their mistake, Leela used to call Anupama often and ask for her time. Vanraj tells that they will never call Anupama again. He asks Maya not to punish Anupama. Maya tells that she doesn’t want Anu to become the second Anupama. Anupama recalls that even Anuj told her the same. Vanraj asks Maya to realize that she can’t handle when Anu wants to come back to her parents. Anuj also questions her the same.

Maya tells that she will handle Anu because their lives aren’t normal. She doesn’t want Anu to live between them. Maya taunts Anupama that the latter had no time to manipulate Anu. She asks them to drag Anu to court. Anupama tells that they don’t have to lose Anu’s happiness for their egos. She begs Maya. Maya doesn’t listen to them. Anuj asks Maya to take revenge on them. He threatens her. He tells that he will go and talk to Anu. Maya asks him to talk to Anu in her presence, but not try to snatch her. She doesn’t want him to brainwash Anu. Anuj doesn’t care if Maya trusts him or not. He asks Anupama to come with him. Anuj and Anupama go to speak to Anu. Leela tells that Anupama will convince Anu. Maya gets worried.

Anuj and Anupama reach Anu. They shed tears. They get emotional seeing Anu playing. The family prays that Anu gets ready to stay back with them. Anuj and Anupama ask Anu how did she spend time with Maya. They talk to her. Anu hugs Anupama. She is also sad. Anupama asks her if she is upset that her mummy didn’t give her enough time. She apologizes to Anu. Anu cries and tells her that she wants to tell her something. Anupama wants to know what is it. Anuj runs to the kitchen to get chocolates for Anu. He doesn’t find any chocolates in the refrigerator.

Anu tells that she loves Anuj and Anupama more than she loves Maya. She adds that she will go with Maya because Maya is alone. She asks Anupama to let her go with Maya. Anuj finds the chocolates and runs back to Anu. He falls. Vanraj and Ankush get worried. Anuj is glad that the chocolate box didn’t get damaged. Vanraj asks him to sit for a minute. Anuj tells that Anu is waiting. He runs back. Kavya tells Maya that Anu can’t get better parents than Anuj and Anupama. Anupama asks Anu not to go. Anu tells that she knows it well, Maya will trouble Anuj and Anupama and make them fight because of her.

She doesn’t want them to fight. She tells that she will come to meet them, but she has to go. Anupama learns how their fights have affected Anu, and Maya has manipulated Anu using it. Anupama realizes her mistake. Anuj gets the chocolates for Anu. Vanraj and Kavya ask Maya not to worry, Anu is with her parents. Maya tells that she has self-esteem, and she wants to leave. Barkha insults her. They don’t let Maya go to Anu. Anuj asks Anu why she wants to leave them and go when they love her a lot. He adds that he can’t live without her. He promises to become the best parent for her.

He asks Anu to give them a chance. Anu wipes his tears. She tells that she will keep coming to meet them. He asks her why she is going. She tells that Maya is lonely, and needs her. He tells that he will be lonely too when she isn’t with her. He asks Anu to tell Maya that she can stay with them. He tells that everyone will be happy together. He regrets that Maya isn’t understanding them. He asks Anu to explain to Maya and tell her that she wants to stay back with her parents. Anu decides to leave with Maya.


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