Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Update Shweta’s move

Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Update Shweta's move

Pandya Store 19th March 2023 Written Update Shweta’s move A twist comes when the newly introduced character of the superhero turns out to be Dhara’s friend from the past. He drops the kids at their house. The kids say they are missing their mothers, but don’t know how they will go home. Shweta tells that she will tell them about their real parents and take them along. The kids go with Shweta. Shweta lies to them to add up troubles for the family. Dhara prepares to reply to Shweta’s every evil plan. The kids are confused about their real parents. They return home and confront their parents. Shesh tells that he got to know the truth. Dev asks what truth is he talking about.

Shesh tells that Dev and Rishita aren’t his parents. Rishita asks what Shweta lies to them. Mittu tells that Raavi is his mother, but Shiva isn’t his father. Rishita asks who is his dad according to Shweta. Mittu tells that Dev is his dad. He asks Dev is he his dad. Dev says no. Rishita shouts at Dev. Dev asks her to calm down. He tells that he isn’t Mittu’s dad or his Bade Papa. Mittu tells that Dev is his dad and he will call him Papa. Gautam tells that Shweta has created a new fuss. Natasha tells that she got to know her mother, Dhara. Rishita tells that Dhara is her Badi Maa and she is her mom.


Shesh asks did he come from the garbage bin and if Natasha is Rishita’s real mother. Dev tells Shesh that it’s not true. Shesh doesn’t listen to them. Chiku tells that Rishita is his real mother, but Dhara isn’t. Rishita tells that she isn’t Chiku’s mother, but Shesh and Natasha’s mother. Mittu asks are they not ashamed to lie to them. Shweta laughs while watching the drama. Chiku asks Dhara why did she hide the truth from him. Gautam tells that Chiku is their son. Chiku asks why did Dhara say that she isn’t Chiku’s real mother. Dhara tells that she didn’t mean to say that. The kids get much confused and don’t believe them. They just remember what Shweta told them. The family gets into a complex situation.


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