Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update Party twist

Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update Party twist

Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update Party twist Akshay and Ranbir talk on a phone call. Akshay tells Ranbir that he has promised Ashok to throw an amazing party to celebrate his new company launch and collaboration with Ranbir. He tells that Ashok wants a daytime party and he has to plan it quickly. He asks Ranbir’s help. Ranbir tells that he has a great idea. He reveals that it’s his birthday, and he is also hosting a party at his home today. He tells Akshay that even he wanted to give a party to him as promised.

He adds that the party that Akshay was organizing somewhere else, can be held at his house. He tells that they can celebrate his birthday and also declare their collaboration to the media. Akshay tells that he is okay with the idea. He tells that he will be there with Prachi and Ashok. Ranbir is glad and looks forward to meeting Prachi. Akshay informs Prachi about the party at Kohli’s house to celebrate their partnership. Prachi isn’t sure about attending the party. She makes excuses about her work.


Akshay tells that it’s a big day for him because he is going to launch his own company and he wants her there at any cost. He convinces Prachi to come. Ashok tells Akshay that Prachi is a nice girl, and if Akshay delays in proposing to her, then someone will do it and Prachi will be gone forever. He asks Akshay to rush before anyone else steals the chance. He wants Akshay to bring her home as the bahu of the family. Akshay promises to give good news to Ashok soon.

Radha Mohan:

Radha wants to teach a lesson to Mama ji that he remembers for a lifetime. Kadambari gets upset with Radha and doesn’t believe her. Mama ji continues to pester Radha with his dirty intentions. He tells her that his family loves him and Radha can’t cause any harm. She thinks to tell everything to Mohan. Bhushan holds Radha’s hand and asks her to sit. He asks her to serve him the food. He forcibly holds her hand and doesn’t leave her when she struggles to get away. Radha angrily slaps him. Mohan, Damini, and Kadambari are shocked to see this. Mohan asks Radha why did she slap Mama ji.

Kadambari asks the reason for the misbehavior. Radha tells that Mama ji misbehaved with her and that’s the reason she slapped him. She adds that Mama ji’s hand didn’t burn in the kitchen, she had burnt his hand to punish him for touching her in a wrong way. Mohan is shocked at this disclosure. Mohan stands by Radha and tells her that Mama ji is wrong if Radha is saying it. Radha exposes Mama ji’s true face.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th March 2023 Written Update Party twist:

Ranbir gets confused about choosing clothes for the birthday party. He tells that he doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday but Pallavi has thrown a party. He gets his manager’s call. The manager tells that he has to book a lounge to throw the partnership party. Ranbir gets reminded about it. He asks him to cancel the booking. He calls Akshay and tells him about canceling the party at the hotel. Akshay asks did he cancel the partnership. Ranbir tells that the partnership is on.

He adds that it’s his birthday and his mom has thrown a party at home. He asks Akshay to merge the birthday and collaboration parties at the same place. He tells that he will invite the businessmen to the party at his home. Akshay finds it a brilliant idea. He tells Prachi about the party at Kohli’s house. Pallavi comes to Ranbir and asks him why isn’t he ready. He tells that he is trying to figure it out. She selects a suit for him and tells him that he will look very handsome when he wears it. She asks him to get ready on time. He asks her to relax. She tells that she didn’t call the florist.

He tells that he knows a florist. He thinks it’s a great opportunity for Laali. He calls Laali and gives the flower decoration order to them. He tells that Laali and Khushi can come to his house and deliver the flowers for his birthday. She reminds that he has beaten her boyfriend a day before. He tells him that he will give her 25000rs for the flowers. She gets greedy. She tells that she will keep her business apart from personal issues. She agrees to come to his house. He remembers Prachi’s words. He tells that Prachi is smart, and he is inspired by her, if he gives work and money to Laali, then Laali will be happy and let him meet Khushi.

He wants to celebrate his birthday with Khushi. Akshay informs Ashok about the party at Ranbir’s house. He tells that it’s Ranbir’s birthday party and also their business collaboration party. Ashok asks him to get his Bahu home. Akshay tells that Prachi has turned down his proposal. Ashok asks him to try again. Akshay tells that he doesn’t want to get insulted so soon. Ashok tells that Prachi is nice, and if Akshay gets late in proposing, then someone else might win her love. He tells about his best friend who was also in love with the girl he loved.

He didn’t want to cheat on his friend, but then he thought everything is fair in love and war, so he sent his friend abroad on a job and proposed to the girl. Akshay asks how could he do that. Ashok tells that he has married his love. He asks Akshay to not lose Prachi to anyone else. Akshay promises to give him good news at night. Ashok asks him to win the battle of love. He tells that his friend knew about his move and broke the friendship. He doesn’t regret losing a friend because he has won his love. Akshay calls him clever. He misses his mom.

Sahana is worried for Prachi. Dadi tells that Prachi is in sorrow because she is fighting with memories. She adds that it’s Ranbir’s birthday and Prachi is feeling low. Sahana understands Prachi’s strange behavior. Dadi tells that the past doesn’t become the past when it becomes a part of life. She explains that they move on, but the past doesn’t go anywhere, it stays in its place, even if they neglect it, the past comes in front of them. She tells that the same thing is happening with Prachi. Sahana tells that Prachi was afraid to come to Delhi. She feels only Khushi brings happiness into Prachi’s life.

She tells that Prachi is in pain, they can’t help her, but they can just give her some time. Prachi remembers her past with Ranbir. She recalls Ranbir’s birthday celebrations. They have a romantic moment. He asks her to promise that she will always celebrate his birthday in the same way. She promises. She asks him to promise that he will always love her. He promises to always love her. They cut the cake together and celebrate his birthday. She asks him to promise that whenever he cuts his birthday cake, he will feed the cake to her first.

He agrees and asks her to always stay by his side when he cuts the cake. She agrees. Prachi smiles recalling the sweet memories. Dadi finds Prachi’s smile vanishing because of her. Prachi tells that she was just thinking of the past. Dadi tells that Akshay has come. Prachi asks why did he come. Dadi tells that she didn’t ask him the reason. Prachi goes to ask Akshay. Akshay asks her why didn’t she get ready for the party. He tells that he has signed a big deal, and they have to go together to the collaboration party. Prachi tells that she didn’t confirm she will come. He asks her to confirm it now. He insists her to get ready and come. He asks her to think a little about him.

Dadi and Sahana talk to Akshay. Akshay tells that Dadi is smart. Prachi appears blank about the party. He tells that he did acting to convince Prachi. Sahana asks him not to lie next time because Prachi doesn’t like liars. He asks them not to scare him. Prachi gets decked up to attend Ranbir’s birthday party. Akshay gets mesmerized seeing her. Prachi asks him why is he staring. Dadi asks them to leave else they will get late for the party. Prachi calls him mad. They leave for the party. Dadi and Sahana know that Akshay is mad for Prachi, he loves her and they wish Prachi gets happiness in her life.

Pallavi and Dida make the perfect party arrangements. Aryan asks Dida to speak to her sister. Pallavi asks Aryan to give respect to Dida. Dida tells her sister that Ranbir has come from the office and he is getting ready. She asks her sister to come to the party. Her sister tells that she is coming to surprise Ranbir. Ranbir meets them. He asks them why are they behaving strangely. He tells that he wants to invite his friends. Pallavi asks about his friends. He explains that he had to throw a party to celebrate the partnership with Akshay, but since they are already hosting a party at home, he thought to merge both parties. They congratulate Ranbir on his project. Ranbir misses Prachi.


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