Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Pranbir kiss

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Pranbir kiss

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Pranbir kiss Prachi comes to Kohli’s house and attends Ranbir’s birthday party. Ranbir is delighted to meet Khushi. Khushi comes with Laali and delivers the flowers. She gives him a bouquet with a note. He thanks her. She asks him to read the prediction note. He reads that he is going to meet his love today. He recalls Prachi. He has only loved Prachi in his life. Prachi meets Ranbir, and he feels Khushi’s prediction turned true. Prachi wishes him a happy birthday. He thanks her and asks her for a kiss. Prachi kisses his cheek to keep her promise. The moment turns out to be Ranbir’s dream. Will Akshay propose to Prachi at the party, or get to learn about Prachi’s relationship with Ranbir? Keep reading for a full update coming shortly.

Main Hoon Aparajita:


Aparajita decides to return home to protect her family. Mohini frames Aparajita. Aparajita gets restraining orders filed by the Singh family. The lawyer asks her not to go close to Singh’s family, or else she will get arrested. Aparajita learns that Mohini has harmed Amma. She plans her grand Griha Pravesh. Mohini asks her by what right did she come into the house. Aparajita steps inside the house and says she has come with a request of a mother of her daughters and a right of Amma’s daughter. She tells Mohini that she has come to save her family from her. She asks Mohini to start the countdown. Akshay is stunned to see the girls supporting their mother. Aparajita feeds the sweets to Mohini to shut her mouth.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Ishani is heartbroken at learning that Mohit doesn’t want to marry her. Nayantara worries for her. Ishani refuses to talk about Mohit. Nayantara asks her to help her in finding Mansi’s truth. She tells that Mansi was just faking the pregnancy. She doubts that the doctor is also supporting Mansi in the fake pregnancy. She wants to tell her truth to Samrat. She says that Mansi can’t raise Prem well. She tells Ishani that she wants the evidence to expose Mansi’s lies. She wants the reports from the clinic. She asks Ishani to help her. Ishani agrees to help her. Nayantara tells that she will bring out Mansi’s truth. Nayantara goes to the clinic at night to steal the reports. Mansi decides to stop Nayantara from reaching Samrat with the reports. She gets Nayantara kidnapped. Samrat worries for Nayantara.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Update Pranbir kiss:

Ranbir gives good news to the family that his business is expanding. He tells that he didn’t get a chance to tell them before. He thinks of Prachi. He asks if he can invite his business associates. Dida asks him to invite anyone he wants. Aryan tells that the birthday party will help them in business too. Ranbir tells them that a special guest is coming. They ask who is it. He tells them that Khushi is coming and she will bring happiness. They get excited to welcome Khushi home. The family attends to the guests. Vikram arrives home. He says that he has come on time. Pallavi tells that he is on time. She informs him that Ranbir bagged a big project. He tells that he already knows the good news.

She tells that Ranbir got financers for his project, and he got into a partnership with a big company. He is glad to know this. They both bless Ranbir. They want everything to get better for Ranbir and his family. Pallavi tells that only happiness will come their way. She feels someone’s luck has helped them and changed their fate into good. She is very happy. Akshay tries to start a conversation with Prachi.

He asks her what’s bothering her, why is she upset, and whether she doesn’t want to go to the party. She doesn’t tell him. He tells that he knows her well. He doesn’t want to force her to tell the reason. He asks her if she knows where they are going. He tells her that he will tell her about the person they are going to meet. Before he tells Ranbir’s name, she gets Priya’s call. She gets busy discussing work.

Akshay and Prachi reach the Kohli house. She checks the files on her phone and walks inside the house. Akshay tells that he couldn’t tell Prachi about coming to Ranbir’s birthday party. He adds that he couldn’t talk to her because she was busy on a call. He doesn’t know how will she react when she sees Ranbir inside the house. Pallavi sees Khushi and gets happy. Vikram compliments her for smiling from her heart. She tells that Khushi has come. He tells that she told him about Khushi and got emotional.

She takes him to Khushi. Vikram also likes Khushi. Pallavi tells that Khushi is lovely. Laali tells that she is confused about the decorations. Khushi introduces Ranbir’s parents. Pallavi tells that she will show her the place to decorate. Vikram tells Pallavi that she should see Khushi’s face well. He observes Khushi’s face and tells her that she resembles Ranbir. Pallavi doesn’t believe him. She takes Laali and Khushi with them. Ranbir meets Khushi and hugs her happily. She tells that she is okay. She gives him a bouquet and wishes for him. He asks did she know it.

She tells that she heard the people talking about his birthday and praising him. She adds that she got happy because she feels Ranbir is like her family. He thanks her for the wishes. She asks him to read the fortune note. He reads that he will be meeting his love today. She tells that he is so lovely and he is just like her Parvati. She praises Ranbir and Prachi. Ranbir tells that he will show the house to Khushi. Laali likes the big house and gets happy that Ranbir is really rich. She thinks that Prachi is richer. She wants to give Khushi to the one who is richer. Akshay asks Prachi to continue her work call later. She stumbles.

Akshay holds her. Ranbir and Prachi get to see each other. He remembers Prachi’s promise to him on his previous birthday. They both reach each other. Prachi wishes Ranbir on his birthday. Ranbir asks for a kiss as she promised him. Prachi kisses his cheek. They smile happily. Ranbir’s dream ends. Akshay wishes Ranbir. Khushi runs to Prachi and hugs her. She tells that she came here for Laali’s work, but she was missing Prachi. She feels her wish came true. Ranbir also feels Khushi’s prediction turned true and he has finally met the one he loves. Prachi wishes Ranbir. He thanks her for coming. She tells that she didn’t know about his birthday party because she had come for a collaboration party.

Akshay introduces Prachi to Vikram. Prachi goes away when she feels like crying. Ranbir tells Vikram that Prachi works for Akshay’s company. Prachi sheds tears. She faces Pallavi. Pallavi asks if she is okay. Prachi tells that she is okay. Pallavi stops her and confronts her for hiding her survival from the family for six years. She tells that Prachi looks alright now. She adds that she couldn’t move on seeing her son’s sorrow. She tells that their relationship wasn’t good or ideal. She regrets it. She asks Prachi why did she leave the temple without talking to her.

She thanks her for performing the puja for Ranbir, which was unexpected. Prachi tells that she keeps the puja for every family member on their birthdays. Pallavi apologizes for getting angry with her. She tells that she saw her alive after six years when they believed she is no more. She asks Prachi to forget everything and move on. Prachi tells that she has already moved on. She makes an excuse and goes to the washroom. Pallavi wants to tell Prachi what Khushi means to Ranbir and them.


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