YRKKH 20th March 2023 Written Update Parth exposed

YRKKH 20th March 2023 Written Update Parth exposed

YRKKH 20th March 2023 Written Update Parth exposed. Abhir narrates his dream to Akshara. He tells that Abhimanyu protected him like a father and he really felt that Abhimanyu is his father. Akshara gets angry on hearing this and scolds him. She asks him to never say that again. She hugs Abhir. Neela asks Akshara to go for her exam. Abhir ties the best wishes band to Akshara’s hand. He doesn’t tell that Abhimanyu had given that band to Muskaan. He feels Abhimanyu is really good. On the other hand, Abhimanyu is trying to cheer Ruhi. He can’t see her sad. She apologizes for upsetting him. She knows he doesn’t want her to go to a hostel. She tells that she doesn’t want to go away.

He promises that he will try his best to convince Aarohi and change her decision. She ties a band to his wrist and wishes him the best of luck. He thanks her. Both Akshara and Abhimanyu are disturbed. She receives a shocking call about Abhimanyu’s arrest. Shefali pacifies Aarohi and shares her pain after sending Shivansh to a hostel. She asks Aarohi not to send Ruhi to a hostel. She confesses that she was helpless to send Shivansh to a hostel because of Parth and her relationship. Parth reaches there and hears her confessing the truth. He stops her and asks her to find his file. Shefali goes with him. He turns angry at her.


He asks her what was she going to tell Aarohi. He tells that she can’t make their issues a big problem in front of the world. He asks Shefali not to act like a victim. She tells that she is a victim of her disgusting husband’s domestic violence. She is scared of his anger. She feels she has sent her son away because of his anger. She doesn’t want to live with him. Parth slaps her in anger. Abhimanyu witnesses this and also overhears the entire truth. He realizes the truth that she had been hiding from the family.

He learns about her misery. He gets angered at Parth for beating Shefali. He takes a stand for Shefali. Parth gets tense on getting exposed in front of Abhimanyu. He gets caught in the act and has no way to escape. Abhimanyu tells that a man is weak if he raises his hand to a woman. He lectures Parth and rebukes him for hurting Shefali. He drags him to the entire family to bring out the truth.

Akshara reaches the police station and meets Abhinav. She asks why is he arrested. He worries about her exam. She tells that he is more important than her exam. She asks if any accident occurred. He tells that a tourist has left a bag in his car, and before he could return it, the police checked the car and got the bag, it contained drugs, and arrested him. He asks her to go to write her exam, or else her entire year’s hard work will go to waste. She tells that she will not leave without taking him. She speaks to the inspector and defends Abhinav. Inspector calls him a criminal. He laughs that she got the first case for free. She tells that Abhinav is innocent. She adds that the bag belongs to the tourist.

Inspector tells that she should get proof of her husband’s innocence. She tells that she will get proof and free her husband from the lockup. She doesn’t want her husband to suffer. Abhimanyu shouts to summon the family. The family asks the reason for his rage. Abhimanyu exposes Parth in front of them. He tells that Parth beats Shefali. The news shocks the family. Parth denies it. Abhimanyu tells that he has seen it himself. Parth asks Shefali to tell the truth to them. Parth expects Mahima to help. Abhimanyu tells that he has seen Parth raising his hand at Shefali.

She asks Shefali to speak up about why Shivansh is at the hostel and what she hides with her makeup. Anand asks Parth what is Abhimanyu saying. Mahima tells that it’s Parth and Shefali’s matter and they will solve their problems. Manjiri tells that the matter isn’t limited to them. Anand tells that whatever Shefali tells will be the truth for them. He wants to know the truth. Shefali is scared of Mahima and Parth. Akshara tells that she will get the proof. Inspector asks her to not give a lecture and leave. Akshara promises to free Abhinav without any delay. Shefali testifies in Parth’s favor.

She lies to the family for the sake of her son. She feels sorry. Parth asks Abhimanyu not to accuse him falsely. Aarohi and Abhimanyu tell that they are with Shefali. Manjiri asks Shefali to not get scared. Parth accuses Abhimanyu of mentally torturing Akshara. He tells that Abhimanyu is accusing him just to redeem himself. He counts Abhimanyu’s mistakes. He tells that Abhimanyu has no right to give him a lecture. Neela learns about Abhinav’s arrest. Akshara tells that she isn’t scared, but angry at the police for arresting Abhinav. She wants to prove Abhinav’s innocence. She checks his booking diary.

She believes that she isn’t alone, but Abhinav is with her. She adds that she will not let anyone come between Abhinav and her. She wants to save Abhinav’s name and respect. She decides to fight for him. She gets the tourist’s details in the diary. In the upcoming episode, Abhinav asks Akshara for a date. They go for dinner, while Abhir goes missing. Akshara contacts Abhimanyu in her hour of need.


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