Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Rhea returns

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Rhea returns Akshay and Ranbir are seen exchanging advice. Ranbir tells that whatever is happening is important. Akshay asks what’s happening. He doesn’t understand. He asks Ranbir if he is also going to propose to someone right away. Ranbir hears of the proposal and thinks of Prachi. He recollects the past moment when he had proposed to Prachi for marriage in a filmi way. Laali finds Ranbir rich. She tells that Prachi is also rich, and it’s tough to decide who deserves Khushi. She thinks about who should she choose to give Khushi if she should give Khushi to Ranbir or Prachi.

Meanwhile. Rhea returns to Ranbir’s life, unaware that Prachi has also returned a few days ago. Rhea and Badi Dadi make an entry to the party to meet Ranbir and wish him. They learn about the business collaboration and congratulate Ranbir. Rhea doesn’t know that Prachi is alive. Ahead in the track, Rhea gets a huge shock on seeing Prachi alive. She is happy to see her sister back. Rhea is seen as positive. She tells that it’s a big surprise for her, but doesn’t think Prachi should return to Ranbir.



Sarkar and his son realize that the family is undergoing problems since Meet came into their lives. Sarkar tells that they should kill Meet. Meet gets attacked by the goons. Sarkar asks his son to kill Meet before his marriage begins. The goons take Meet to some workshop and put her tied on a wooden log. They start the wood-cutting machine. Meet falls into a deadly situation. She holds her hands overhead to get the chains cut by the machine. Meet struggles to get free. Will Manmeet come and save her in time? Keep reading.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Aparajita foils Mohini’s plan. She insults Mohini and gives her a befitting reply. She doesn’t want to send Amma to the hospital. Akshay tells that he is Amma’s son and he has decided to send her to the hospital. Aparajita asks him if he knows anything about his mother. She tells that she knows everything about Amma and that she will take care of her. Mohini tells that the doctor would know more than Aparajita. Aparajita tells that she has called the doctor who always treated Amma, and he will come and tell them how to treat her.

She adds that the doctor will also tell them the reason for Amma’s condition. The doctor arrives to check on Amma. Aparajita asks him to diagnose Amma’s condition. Mohini grows nervous. Aparajita finds her worried and questions her. She tells that Amma will recover and become strong. She states that the doctor will help Amma. She stays by Amma’s side, while Mohini keeps an eye to save her truth from coming out.

Aparajita meets Amma and learns about Mohini’s evil. She swears that she will protect the family. She wants to save Amma and her family from every problem. She tells that she vows to punish the evildoer, who had hurt Amma. Mohini calls the NGO women home to take their help and throw out Aparajita. She tells that she is Akshay’s wife. Aparajita tells that she is a dutiful wife, who took care of Akshay when he needed care and support. She shows the video as proof. She announces that she has a right to Akshay and his house and that she won’t leave.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2023 Written Update Rhea returns:

Vikram asks Dida to look at Khushi carefully, she resembles Ranbir a lot. Prachi hears this and notices Khushi. She tells Laali that she has some work with Khushi and that she will send her back in two minutes. She takes Khushi with her. Akshay sees Prachi going. He tells that he doesn’t want to bend down in front of his lover because she respects him and also insults him sometimes, she shows him the mirror, and she tells him such things that he doesn’t know about himself. Ranbir asks him if Ashok knows about his love.

Akshay tells that Ashok knows he loves her, he is super happy and he also wants her to become her Bahu. Ranbir tells that he is lucky because most families hate the girl a guy likes, the family and love don’t get balanced and the guy faces the worst situation when he gets love and loses the family. Akshay asks him how he knows this like he had suffered such a thing. Ranbir remembers the past. He tells that he has gone through all such tortures. He adds that he will tell him in detail when they meet next time. Akshay tells that they will have a blast. Ashok calls Akshay.

Akshay tells that Ashok wants him to propose to the girl he loves. Ranbir asks why didn’t he tell this before. Prachi looks at Khushi and tells her that she looks like her. Khushi compliments her beauty. Prachi tells that Khushi is the most beautiful girl. She adds that they look the same and even their smiles match. Khushi gets Laali’s call. She tells that she will go now. Prachi tells that Khushi resembles her. Khushi agrees and goes. Prachi gets Dadi’s words and tells that Khushi resembles her features. She adds that Vikram was telling Dida, that Khushi resembles Ranbir. Dadi asks her is she competing with Ranbir. Prachi doesn’t answer. Dadi laughs at her foolishness. Prachi feels Dadi was saying right, they are competing to get Khushi. She tells that she really felt Khushi looks like her.

Ranbir asks Akshay if he wants to propose his love. Akshay tells that he is ready to propose to his love and got a ring also. Ranbir tells that he is mentally and emotionally prepared, so he should go and propose to her. Akshay tells that he isn’t getting the courage to propose to her. He adds that he always presents a speech, but he feels scared when he faces her. Ranbir asks is he scared of rejection. Akshay tells that he has proposed to her thrice in the last three years and she refused him. He regrets that she isn’t agreeing. Ranbir asks him is she refusing him for three years.

He asks how he proposes to her, and what is the problem. Akshay tells that he proposes to her well. Ranbir asks him to make the proposal better. Akshay tells that she doesn’t want to say yes to him. Ranbir tells that he should rehearse the proposal in front of him, and then get feedback. He asks Akshay to propose to him and show him. Akshay tells that his proposal is always the best. He gets on his knees and asks will you marry me. Ranbir asks is that done. He tells that it’s such a weak proposal, if the girl is special then the proposal should be special too.

Akshay asks how can he make the proposal more special. Ranbir gives him some advice. On the other hand, Rhea is happy to meet Kohlis. She can’t control her happiness. She rushes to the cake store and buys a cake for Ranbir. Badi Dadi knows that Rhea is eager to meet Ranbir. She tells that Rhea loves Ranbir. Rhea denies it. She feels shy when Badi Dadi teases her by taking Ranbir’s name. Akshay asks Ranbir where is he going when he said he will help him with a proposal. Ranbir tells that he got to think of an important thing. He doesn’t think Akshay will understand. He thinks to tell him later. He asks Laali if she can set the projector there. She tells that it can get adjusted. He thanks her.

Akshay asks what is he doing. Ranbir asks him to trust him, and that he is going to do something important. Akshay asks him if he is also going to propose to someone. Ranbir remembers his proposal moment with Prachi. They share a cute romantic moment. He asks for one chance to propose to her. He recites poetry for her. She asks him to put a big screen behind her and read the poetry for her when he proposes to her next time. He holds her in his arms. He asks will you marry me. He confesses his love to her. She tells that her answer is yes. He gets overjoyed. Ranbir is happy to think of his Prachi.

Akshay asks him to just help him with the proposal. Laali wants to decide about Khushi, if she should give Khushi to Ranbir or Prachi. Akshay asks Ranbir to tell him what to do and how to do it. Ranbir gives him tips. He asks her to open up his heart in front of his lover and make her feel that he loves her the most and that nobody can love her more than him. He tells that he should make her feel that he will protect her and never give her sorrow, his love will never fall short, he will do anything for her, he will love her and never leave her in any situation, only she means to him and nobody else can take her place.

Akshay rehearses the proposal. He proposes to Ranbir. The servant watches them and gets confused. Ranbir asks Akshay to express his true feelings. Akshay tells that he can’t make it better. He goes to Prachi to propose to her. Priya sees him behind Prachi. Prachi asks Priya to focus. She finds Akshay behind, holding a ring and prepared to propose to her.


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