Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2023 Top Spoilers

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2023 Top Spoilers

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th March 2023 Top Spoilers. Samrat lands in trouble when he attempts to save Nayantara from the goons. He gets the constable along. He tells that they have to plan and make an entry inside. Constable asks him to wait, while he calls the backup. They hide from the goons. Samrat then rushes inside to save Nayantara. He gets into a fight with the goons. He looks for her. She is caught inside the rice chamber. Samrat fails to rescue her. He is shocked to learn about the bomb placed by the goons.

Nayantara asks him to leave because a blast can occur at any time. He says that he will not leave her alone. He asks the goons to tell him how to switch off the bomb. The goon tells that he doesn’t know it. They ask Samrat to let them go alive. Samrat rebukes them. He tells that he won’t go without her. He expresses his feelings to her. Mansi learns that even Samrat is in danger. Constable gets help. A bomb squad officer tries to defuse the bomb. Samrat tells that he will live with Nayantara and die with her.


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Shweta catches Prerna in the Pandya house but Dhara manages to get Shweta arrested. Shweta swears revenge on Pandyas. Dhara and Gautam have a romantic moment. They confess love to each other after a long time. Dhara and Gautam assure Krish that they will get him married to Prerna. Shweta struggles in the lockup. She tells that she will take revenge and never let Pandyas stay happy. Rishita claims her rights on Chutki. She tells Dhara that she will take Chutki with her. Dhara asks Suman to stop Rishita from leaving the house. Rishita tells that Dev has gone to get tickets. Suman wants to talk to Dev and stop him from breaking the family. Dev buys the tickets for his family and plans to leave for the sake of his kids’ safety.


Roshni gets kidnapped by Sumer’s men Jogi and Raj. Jogi informs Nirbhay that he has kidnapped Roshni, and he will release her when Nirbhay sells his pub to Sumer. Roshni’s kidnapping breaks down Chandni. She learns that Roshni landed in a problem because of Nirbhay. She accuses him. Nirbhay is ready to do anything to save Roshni. Raunaq asks him what will he do now. Nirbhay promises Chandni that he will protect Roshni and get her back. Raunaq sees Raj in the CCTV footage. He tells that Raj is also involved in the kidnapping. They rush to save Roshni from Raj and Jogi. Chandni gets shot while saving Roshni. Raunaq rushes Chandni to the hospital to save her life.

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