1 Huge twist in Anupama ends its USP

1 Huge twist in Anupama ends its USP

1 Huge twist in Anupama ends its USP. Anupama breaks down while she asks Anuj how can he break his promise. She pleads with him. She wants him to break his silence. Anuj doesn’t remember his devoted love for Anupama anymore. He turns stone-hearted. He throws away their wedding picture from his bag. He tells that their relationship is so broken that they can never mend it, they can’t fill the gaps and will end up breaking down. He doesn’t want to attempt any patch-up. Anupama collapses when Anuj jerks her away and leaves. Dimpy informs Samar about Anupama’s condition. She adds that Anuj has left the house by breaking his relationship with Anupama. Samar reveals this shocking news to the Shah family. Hasmukh tells that he was feeling something wrong is going to happen with Anupama. He worries for Anupama. Vanraj is happy that Anupama’s illusion about Anuj being the perfect husband will now shatter. He feels good.

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Sid exposes Ayaan and Faltu in front of the family. The Mittals are shocked to know that Faltu was living with them as Rocky. Sid apologizes to them for bringing out the truth in a dramatic manner. On getting caught, Faltu is confronted about her motive behind cheating them. She reveals that one of the Mittal family members had ruined her career. She doesn’t take Ayaan’s name in front of the family. Ayaan corners her to ask her the name of the person who played a dirty game with her. Faltu accuses him of ruining her cricketing career. He is taken aback when she blames him for ruining her dreams. He defends himself that he was guilty since he knew that he had married her in the temple, and couldn’t keep his promise of protecting her.

She tells that he wanted revenge after Charan insulted him. She asks him to have some shame and accept his mistake. He tells that he won’t accept anything wrong. He adds that he was angry about her rude behavior before, but after knowing her reasons, his anger went off. He says that he loves her and he can never cheat on her. He decides to prove his innocence to Faltu. He takes her home. He tells Tanisha that he loves Faltu, and wants to be with her. He asks Tanisha to end their marriage because he can never give her the deserved happiness of a complete relationship. The Mittals are left stunned by Ayaan’s love confession for Faltu.


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