Imlie 24th March 2023 Written Update Surprise

Imlie 24th March 2023 Written Update Surprise

Imlie 24th March 2023 Written Update Imlie rewarded. Rudra thanks Dhairya for helping Imlie so much. Dhairya replies that he was just doing his duty. Rudra apologizes that his family had hurt Dhairya in the past. Dhairya tells that he has befriended the pain. Rudra tells that he doesn’t understand Dhairya’s words, but his work. He applauds Dhairya for his wonderful progress. He tells that he will get much success in life. He adds that he will announce Atharv’s replacement at the party. Dhairya gets hopeful that he will be chosen as the new director of operations. He shares his happiness with his mother. Rudra makes an announcement.

He tells that he had set up the Rana transport company 30 years back, and took it to new heights with his hard work. He feels he is ready to bring a change. He feels the company needs young minds that can brighten it with the light of success. He announces the name of the new director. Dhairya expects his name. Rudra announces Imlie’s name. Atharv is happy with the news. He supports her. Imlie gets into a big dilemma when her work is making her against her own family business. Rudra asks her not to lose courage because she has support from the family.


She is tense but accepts Rudra’s decision. Atharv overhears her talking to her boss on a call. He asks her if she will do a sting operation on their own company. She tries to explain to him. He says that he understands she has a reason for her decision. He isn’t upset with her. He trusts her a lot. She gets relieved by his support. He asks her to not cry. He tells that he will tell Rudra to make someone else the director. She tells that it was his right to become the director, and he might have felt bad for not getting the rights. Atharv tells that she is more capable than him. He calls Rudra’s decision the best.

They share a moment. Dhairya comes home with bad news. He regrets helping Imlie, who took away his position. He tells that he will see how Imlie runs the company. Atharv wishes Imlie good luck with her work. They share a sweet romantic moment. Imlie wishes that he stays alright always. Rudra introduces Imlie to the workers. Dhairya criticizes Imlie.


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