YRKKH 24th March 2023 Written Update Shock for Akshara

YRKKH 24th March 2023 Written Update Shock for Akshara

YRKKH 24th March 2023 Written Update Shock for Akshara Mahima tells that Parth and Shefali’s matter shouldn’t be known to anyone. She makes it clear that Goenkas shouldn’t know about Parth’s mistakes. She wants to have a good stand in society. Shefali tells that they will not tell anyone about Parth, because they don’t wish bad for the family. She taunts Mahima about Parth. Abhimanyu supports Shefali. He thanks her for taking a stand for herself. He feels proud of her. He tells that they call wrong as wrong, and only then the situation will get better.

He feels sorry that he didn’t give time and notice her sorrows before. He promises to keep all relations well. Abhinav and Akshara reach the restaurant for their dinner date. Abhinav charms her with his sweetness. He tells that he will go and get pizza. Abhir asks him not to forget their icecreams. Abhinav tells that they will have it later. Abhir gets rejoicing that they will be having a pizza. Goenkas worry for their daughters. They wonder where did Kairav go. Kairav comes home. They get angry with him for not informing them before going out. Muskaan tells that Kairav had gone to Kasauli. Kairav didn’t wish to share the details.


He doesn’t want them to get tension knowing about Abhinav’s arrest. Akshara asks Abhir if is he okay. Abhir tells that he will be okay once he eats the pizza. She gets busy on a call, while he feels breathless again. Abhinav is glad that Akshara is with him. Abhir finds them happy. He doesn’t want them to get sad. Kairav tells that he was missing Akshara and went to meet her. He adds that he had forgotten all the differences and resolved the issues with his sister. Goenkas are proud of him. Muskaan smiles while staring at him. Surekha notices this and comments on their strong friendship.

She asks Kairav to support Aarohi now because the latter had decided to get engaged. Manish tells that Aarohi and Abhimanyu are getting engaged tomorrow, she is happy and they should be happy for her. Kairav isn’t happy. He tells that he can’t stop them, else they will go at double speed. He asks them not to keep any expectations from him. He doesn’t want to celebrate Aarohi’s destruction. He adds that he won’t go. He calls it Aarohi’s big mistake. Abhinav asks Abhir to come and have pizza.

Akshara tells that Neela had called to tell her about the puja. They don’t find Abhir in the car. They look for him and get panicking. Abhir feels unwell and tries the exercises Abhimanyu suggested. They don’t find Abhir anywhere. A man yells at Akshara for losing her child and spoiling his evening. He comments that she isn’t a good mother, she couldn’t take care of her child and came to disturb him. Abhinav lectures the guy and asks him to respect Akshara. He takes a stand for Akshara. She asks Abhinav to focus on finding Abhir. Abhir feels better after trying the exercises. He returns to Akshara and Abhinav.

They run to hug him and scold him with love. Abhinav asks him where did he go. Abhir doesn’t want them to worry for him. He hides the matter. He apologizes and lies to them. Abhinav asks him to promise, that he will never go anywhere after leaving his dad. Abhir promises him. Abhimanyu worries for Abhir and wakes up. He thinks to find out if Abhir is okay. Abhinav finds happiness with Akshara and Abhir. He says that he was lonely before and had no fear of losing anything, but he is scared of losing his family. He is thankful that Akshara gave him a family. He doesn’t want to lose them ever. Akshara tells that family’s love is a big weakness, but life changes when it turns into strength.

She tells him that their life is also changing. She cheers him. Abhir asks them to party and dance. They enjoy their fun outing. Akshara doesn’t want anyone’s bad sight to affect their happy family. She applies the Kajal to Abhinav, which makes him reach cloud nine. He is much pleased by her gesture. They start a new life. Akshara wants happiness to stay in her house. She thinks of speaking to Manish once. Goenkas prepare for Aarohi’s engagement. Suwarna cries in fear that their happiness can get down. Manish pacifies her. Akshara calls him. Manish tells that he knows she has teamed up with Kairav.

He understands that she got too busy. Akshara doesn’t tell them about Abhinav’s arrest. She overhears Suwarna and asks them if they are going anywhere. Suwarna tells that they are going to the ashram. She lies to Akshara. Akshara doesn’t learn about Aarohi’s engagement. Suwarna tells Manish that she lied to Akshara to keep her away so that both Aarohi and Akshara stay happy. Abhimanyu stays worried for Abhir. Abhir informs him about his football match. Abhir plays the football match and wins. Akshara and Abhinav rejoice. In a few seconds, Abhir collapses down falling breathless. Akshara receives a huge shock to see him.

YRKKH 24th March 2023 Written Update Shock for Akshara


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