Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Proposal for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Proposal for Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Proposal for Prachi Ranbir helps Akshay in professing love to Prachi. He thinks Akshay is going to propose to Priya. Akshay likes Ranbir’s idea and tells that the problem got solved. He gets certain that he will get her lover. Ranbir asks him to practice his proposal and record it, and then they will play it after the dance program, just before the cake-cutting. Akshay agrees and thanks him for the help. Ranbir and Prachi dance with Rhea and Akshay respectively on a slow romantic number, but they can’t help their hearts. They still love each other, and express their yearning through their eyes. He gets Priya on the dance floor, thinking Akshay would like to dance with her.

Ranbir dances with Priya. Akshay sees Prachi’s upset expression and goes to cheer her up. He dances with Prachi. Ranbir gets Priya in between and makes Akshay dance with her. He finds Priya liking Akshay. He is positive that Akshay’s proposal will be accepted today for sure. Akshay thinks why is Ranbir dancing with Priya? He wonders if Ranbir wants to anger Prachi with this act. Ranbir then dances with Prachi. He thinks why is Akshay changing his partner and dancing with Prachi, instead Priya? There is a big confusion about Akshay and Prachi’s love story. Neither Akshay nor Ranbir doesn’t clear their misunderstanding. Akshay gets relief when Rhea dances with Ranbir and makes Prachi free. Keep reading for a quick update on Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023.



Tai ji asks Maitree to stay in the show as Saransh’s widow. Maitre burns her marriage picture. She tells that she is Maitree Mishra now, not Maitree Tiwari. She adds that she will respect the relationships and make them a reason for her life, but she will not sacrifice her self-esteem. Maitree organizes a fashion show to empower women through employment opportunities. The fire catches up in the show. Maitree doesn’t want her hard work to go to waste. Ashish finds Maitree trapped in the fire. He jumps inside the fire and saves Maitree. She tells that the goods have got ruined, but her dreams are still alive. She tells that it’s a promise, she will keep the event at the decided time. She appears confident. Vasundara plans to ruin Maitree and Ashish.

Kumkum Bhagya 26th March 2023 Written Update Proposal for Prachi:

Dadi feels restless and tells Sahana that she wants to talk to Prachi. She adds that she is sensing Prachi is crying, her eyes are filled with tears and she isn’t well. She asks Sahana to call Prachi. Prachi cries thinking of Rhea. Prachi answers the call. Dadi asks her why is she crying. She worries for Prachi. Sahana asks if any accident happened. Prachi tells that she is okay and she is at her home. She clears that she is at Ranbir’s house. Dida asks her why is she upset.

Prachi tells that everything is good. She shares her happiness. She tells that she met Rhea. They can’t believe it. Prachi tells that she met Rhea and got much happy. She isn’t able to express her feelings. She tells that she feels like she hugged Pragya when she hugged Rhea. Dadi understands her feelings about meeting lost loved ones. Dadi and Sahana ask her to come home. Prachi agrees. Dadi tells that she sensed Prachi is crying, but now she is at peace that Prachi cried out of joy.

Akshay asks Ranbir if he will not make him meet his lover. Ranbir tells that love doesn’t come alone, it comes with problems, a person gets helpless in front of the situation and it was destined to happen. He apologizes. He asks Akshay to focus on his own story. He asks him to propose in such a way that she agrees with him. Akshay tells that he can’t use the words well. Ranbir tells that he knew such a problem will come, so he has already prepared a solution, he has such a solution that will help Akshay and the girl will surely agree to the proposal.

He tells that he already spoke to Laali and got a projector screen fixed, he will put the poetry on the screen, and Akshay can record the poetry and play it, and his lover will obviously say yes. He tells that he had told the same poetry to his lover. He writes poetry on paper. Akshay thanks him for the help. Ranbir asks him to record the poetry and take the DJ’s help, they will play the audio before the cake-cutting. Akshay agrees.

Badi Dadi tells Dida that they are elders and they have to do their role well, they have to explain to Prachi that they have moved on after she left them. Dida tells that Pallavi will feel bad. Prachi wishes Badi Dadi. Badi Dadi taunts her for forgetting the family. Prachi tells that she remembers Badi Dadi. Badi Dadi scolds her for not telling the family that she was alive. She understands that she had a reason to hide the truth, but what about the family’s rights? She asks what did they do that she got against them.

She tells that the family scolded Prachi about Panchi, but even though Prachi also scolded Ranbir, they both blamed each other and were in an equal fight. She asks why is Prachi’s pain bigger than Ranbir’s pain. Dida asks Prachi why didn’t she come back to them when she was alive. She reveals that police confirmed Prachi’s death and they accepted the fate. She tells how Rhea jumped into the fire and saved Pallavi’s life, Rhea has come into their lives as an angel. Prachi is happy to know Rhea’s good deeds. She feels Rhea has made her parents proud. She is thankful to Rhea for doing so much for the family selflessly.

She thanks Dadi for telling this. Ranbir asks Akshay to record the poetry. Akshay asks him to go out, he will record it and come. Ranbir tells that he isn’t asking him to change his clothes in front of him. Akshay gets nervous and asks Ranbir to go out, he will just come. Ranbir asks him not to be shy like a girl. He tells that he can correct his mistakes. Akshay is adamant. Ranbir gives his good wishes for the recording. He asks Akshay to give the pendrive to the DJ. Akshay prepares to record. Ranbir looks for Khushi. Pallavi asks him to come and cut the cake. He asks about Khushi.

She tells that Khushi left with her mother. He tells that Khushi should have stayed for the cake-cutting. She asks why is he getting hyper. He tells that Khushi left in the middle of the party. He wants to go and get her back. He feels upset like his family member left the party. He calls Khushi. She apologizes for leaving without meeting him. He asks why did she go before the cake-cutting, his birthday is incomplete without her and she should come back. She tells that Laali didn’t listen and took her home. He wants to do something of Laali.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to take a cake to Khushi’s home tomorrow and celebrate with her. Khushi asks him to come. Laali tells that they are busy tomorrow. Ranbir asks Khushi not to give the phone to Laali. He tells that he will come to meet her tomorrow. She asks him to enjoy his birthday. Pallavi asks him not to spoil his mood, and go to meet Khushi tomorrow. She asks if he introduced Khushi to Rhea. He says yes. Prachi tells Rhea that she looks gorgeous.

Rhea also compliments her. Akshay tells Prachi that he was looking for her. She introduces Rhea as her sister. He tells that Ranbir told him about Rhea. Prachi tells that Akshay is her boss’ son, they work in the same office, and they are good friends. Akshay asks her to come with him. Prachi takes Rhea with her. Rhea steps back when Akshay dances with Prachi on the dance floor. Dida and Badi Dadi make Ranbir and Rhea dance together. Ranbir tries to find out why Akshay is dancing with Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir see each other. Rhea hugs Ranbir.



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