Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update Preeran meet. Karan angrily scolds Rishabh for always mentioning Preeta’s name. He tells that Rishabh takes Preeta’s name and fits her memory in any situation possible. He is upset to hear about Preeta. He says that Rishabh doesn’t leave any chance to talk about Preeta. He asks what Rishabh means to say, what would have changed in their lives if Preeta was with them. Rishabh is stunned at Karan’s outrageous behavior. Karan loves Preeta but hates her for losing Rudraksh. On the other hand, Preeta wakes up and gets back to her normal routine, by forgetting whatever happened last night. Rajveer meets her and is glad to see her fine. He gets disheartened to call her Maasi. Rajveer tells Preeta and Shrishti that he has to go to Mumbai for his job. Shrishti doesn’t agree to send him so far from them.

She tells that she knows that he is planning, he wants to chase the Luthras and take revenge on them for Preeta’s condition. Rajveer doesn’t let Shrishti stop him from fulfilling his motives. He tells that even if anyone agrees or disagrees, he will go to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. Preeta tells him that nobody will send him alone. She adds that she will accompany him to Mumbai if his dreams are so important to him. She supports him. He knew that she will support him and agree to accompany him.


He wants to take Preeta back to Karan and fight for her rights. Preeta tells that she will go to Mumbai if Rajveer is adamant. Shrishti is shocked to hear them. She tells that she will not let them go to Mumbai. Preeta asks the reason. Shrishti isn’t able to tell her anything and hopes Rajveer stops risking their small happy world. Will Karan and Preeta meet in Mumbai by Rajveer’s plan? Will Rajveer succeed in his motives against the Luthras? Keep reading for a full update Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 coming shortly.


Meet tells Manmeet that she knew it in her heart, Manmeet cannot be behind the evil conspiracy and he can’t kill her. She hugs him emotionally and remembers the times when Atharv saved her life. Manmeet asks him to come with her. The goon stops Manmeet and tells him that he got clear instructions from Sarkar to kill Meet. He tells that Manmeet can’t take Meet with him alive. Manmeet and Meet together fight the goons. Manmeet tells that their pairing is the best.

She asks him if Sarkar’s marriage has happened. She wants to know if their teamwork has reaped the benefit. Manmeet tells that the marriage didn’t take place. Sarkar reaches there and finds Manmeet shaking hands with Meet, and telling their plan to stop the marriage. He appears shocked.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Aparajita finds proof against Mohini. Mohini tries to win Chavi’s heart by showing fake concern. She tells that she spoke to Akshay about the children’s studies. She asks Chavi to not take the stress and complete the graduation. She offers help. She asks her to give online exams. She asks Chavi to get Aparajita’s signature on the forms if she wants to pursue her studies. She is sure that she has passed her exam by manipulating Chavi. Aparajita keeps an eye on Mohini.

Akshay asks his children to go to college from tomorrow. Mohini is shocked to see a syringe in her plate. Aparajita asks her didn’t she see the trending reels, they can experiment and have the soup by using a syringe. She asks Mohini to try. Mohini asks her to get away from her. Aparajita asks why is she so scared, and what the syringe reminds her of. She taunts her about the crime she committed. Mohini calms her mind to not get caught.

Kundali Bhagya 25th March 2023 Written Update Preeran meet:

Rajveer tells Shrishti that he has some important work. She questions him about it. He prefers not to say and leaves. She fears that his actions may cause a problem to Preeta. She tells that he has gone mad for revenge and wants to settle scores with Luthras. She slaps herself for her mistake to reveal the truth to Rajveer. Karan and Rishabh attend the business meeting. Rishabh isn’t convinced by the rival company’s business model. He asks Karan to sign the deal if he wants. Karan turns down the deal offer. He tells Rishabh that they should leave. He asks the female office employee to cover herself and wear decent clothes to maintain the office decorum.

He tells that he doesn’t like to say this. He asks her to not mind his words. He apologizes to her. Mr. Ahuja stops him and asks him to question if he isn’t liking the presentation and doesn’t understand any particular thing. He tells that he is ready to answer his queries. He asks Karan not to leave because it’s quite hurting when they are aware of the fact that Karan is interested to deal with his company. Karan tells that he was interested to buy his company, but the offer was valid six months back. He tells that Anuja company had a monopoly before. He explains the point why he isn’t agreeing to buy his company now. He doesn’t think Ahuja is giving him accurate figures for the profit.

He asks him to find the right net profit for his company by keeping inflation in mind. He tells that the company is making zero profits and is sinking in loss, he lied about the profits and tried to manipulate to sell off the company. He hates his lies. He tells that if Mr. Ahuja told the truth and asked for his help, then he would have helped him happily. He adds that Ahuja lost the chance he got six months back. He regrets that Ahuja didn’t learn a lesson. Rishabh applauds Karan’s sharp business sense. He tells that Karan was the best cricketer before, he was full of life, arrogant, cheerful, and positive, and today Karan is the best businessman. He wishes she was here to see Karan’s success.

Karan gets mad at him. He tells that Rishabh always mentions Preeta’s name. He angrily tells him that he would have fought Preeta if she was here, he would have asked her why she left him and took away his son, who isn’t with him. He mentions that Preeta took away his son and left, if she was alive, then she would have been in front of him and answered him. He has much frustration inside his heart. Rishabh asks him to calm down. Karan tells that he can’t calm down. He asks Rishabh not to freshen his wounds. He tells that it’s not needed to talk about Preeta when she left him forever.

Rishabh asks him to shut up. Karan asks him to answer, why did Preeta leave the hospital that day and took away their son? He feels everything would have been fine if she stayed back. Rishabh consoles him. Karan cries and tells that he has changed after Preeta left him. Rishabh wipes his tears. He tells that he was talking about Rakhi, if Rakhi had seen him today, then she would have got happy. He asks him what happened to him and he is connecting everything to Preeta.

He asks what did he do, he didn’t take the girl’s interview just because her name was Preeta. He asks him to remember, no one can shatter him, because he is the Karan Luthra. He doesn’t want Karan to become his own enemy. He asks Karan to get back up. He asks why is he missing Preeta and his son after so many years. He doesn’t want their memories to affect Karan. He tells that they don’t know about Rudra. He asks the manager to not interrupt them. The manager tells that it’s about Karan’s son, Shaurya is in trouble and they need to rush. Karan and Rishabh worriedly rush.

Rajveer gets the tickets to Mumbai for Preeta, Shrishti, and him. Shrishti checks the tickets and asks him did he lose his mind. She doesn’t want him to go anywhere. He tells that it’s time to face the truth and also expose the wrong. She calls it his mistake. She asks him not to decide anything in anger. He tells that wrong has happened with Preeta. She accepts this. She doesn’t want him to risk their family. She tells that they will not go to Mumbai, where they just got wounds and bitter memories. She wants him to understand. He tells that she is scared to face them.

Shrishti tells that she isn’t scared of anyone, she is scared for Preeta and Rajveer and he doesn’t know her. She tells that he won’t be able to handle Preeta if she gets panic attacks because of the bad memories. She explains how she had sorted their lives. She doesn’t know what will happen to him if he goes to Luthras. He tells that he didn’t see the future, they can’t run away from the past, and they can’t sit in fear. He decides to shape his future, which will happen when they face the past. She shouts that he will not go anywhere.

He tells that he will go and pay the Luthras to pay for the past mistakes, for hurting Preeta and ruining her life. She asks him not to call Preeta his mother because she won’t be able to understand it. She doesn’t have the answers to Preeta’s questions that will arise once he calls her Maa. She reminds him of the doctor’s words that they don’t have to shock or stress Preeta. She tells that Preeta has tolerated it a lot, and she doesn’t want Preeta to live in the same pain again. She requests him to promise her, that he won’t call Preeta his Maa until she recovers. He promises her.

Preeta comes there. They wipe their tears. Preeta asks what are they talking about. Shrishti tells that Rajveer wants to go to Mumbai, but it’s not needed. Preeta agrees with Shrishti. She tells that they are happy here. He tells that their life is ordinary, their future lies in Mumbai and he will go at any cost. Shrishti refuses to go with him. Preeta tells that she will come with him if he has decided on his career growth. She asks Shrishti not to stop Rajveer from shaping his future.

He tells that he loves Preeta a lot. She tells that they will not send him to the new city alone, he would need a family to support him and they will help him in getting independent. She supports him. She asks him to show the tickets. He tells that he has to take Preeta to Mumbai, it’s okay if Shrishti doesn’t come, but Preeta must come along. Shrishti refuses to accompany them. Preeta and Rajveer rush to pack their stuff. Shrishti tells that it’s an important journey for Preeta. She recalls that they got Sarla, Rakhi, and Karan when they visited the city last time.

She tells that the city gave many relations to Preeta, but this time she won’t get anything there. She feels good that Preeta doesn’t remember the painful memories. She remembers it well and doesn’t want to go. Preeta tells that she is ready to go. Shrishti asks her to take care. She asks Rajveer to take care of Preeta. Preeta tells that Rajveer is her responsibility. Rajveer wants to give the best life to Preeta. Preeta tells that Shrishti will come after them to Mumbai in two days. Shrishti asks Rajveer to remember that she is always with him. They hug and cry. Preeta asks Shrishti to come to them soon. Preeta and Rajveer leave, against Shrishti’s wish.

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