YRKKH 25th March 2023 Written Update New track

YRKKH 25th March 2023 Written Update New track

YRKKH 25th March 2023 Written Update New track Abhinav wakes up and smiles seeing Akshara. He wishes he had never woken up from this beautiful dream. She hears him and asks about it. He doesn’t say. He feels scared of confessing his feelings. He compliments her. She tells that she has worn his favorite saree. On the other side, Aarohi gets decked up for the engagement. Goenkas wish her all the best. They don’t want any problems or sorrow to touch Aarohi’s life again. They bless Aarohi to always stay happy. Abhimanyu is ready for the engagement and gets scolding from Ruhi. Anand laughs seeing them. /p>

Kairav is furious over Aarohi’s engagement. Muskaan asks Kairav for the parcel Neela has given to her. He realizes that he lost the bag. He apologizes to her. Muskaan cries that she lost her mother’s gift, which was filled with love. She blames him for losing the gift because he doesn’t value feelings. She taunts him for being emotionless. He asks her to shut up, he will find the parcel and get it to her. She angers him. Akshara prepares for the puja. Abhir tells that he was looking for Abhinav. She grows worried that he left without informing her. Neela asks her to better call and ask.


Akshara calls Abhinav and finds his phone at home. She wonders if he still has any doubt in his heart. She tells that Abhinav should have informed her before going. She gets upset. Abhinav arrives home with a surprise. She asks him where did he go. Abhinav gives the house property papers. She tells that they were helpless to keep the house mortgage. He tells that he has paid all the installments and now the house belongs to them. Akshara is glad to know this good news.

She calls it the best surprise. Neela blesses Abhinav. Abhinav asks Akshara to check the file once. She checks the papers and is stunned to see the transfer of the property ownership to her. He tells that the house belongs to her more than to him because she has made the house a home for him. He gets emotional and thanks her for giving him a reason to return home. He tells that the house always belonged to her. She cries with joy. He wipes her tears with love. Neela is happy to see their relationship advancing.

Manjiri compliments Aarohi and wishes her life is more beautiful. Ruhi asks her not to cry. She asks them to rush with the engagement. Surekha questions about Parth. Mahima makes excuses. She tells that Parth has gone out of town. She taunts that even Kairav didn’t come to his sister’s engagement. Abhimanyu and Aarohi have a moment. Suhasini stops Surekha from spoiling their happiness. Abhinav and Akshara also land into a moment of love.

Pandit asks Abhinav to perform the rituals. He gives a red dupatta to Abhinav and asks him to complete the ritual by adorning his wife with the dupatta. Abhinav gets too emotional when he sees Akshara as his wife. Akshara is also happy with him. She sincerely tries to move on. Abhimanyu promises Aarohi that he will always respect and support her. They get engaged. Ruhi congratulates them. Abhinav performs the Suhaag rituals with all his heart. He gets overjoyed when he finds her reciprocating his feelings.


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