Kundali Bhagya Rajveer Shaurya first meet Promo

Kundali Bhagya Rajveer Shaurya first meet Promo

Kundali Bhagya Rajveer Shaurya first meet Promo Shaurya drives his jeep in a rashless way and confuses the bus driver, who changes direction to avoid an accident. The bus driver loses control of the steering. Preeta shouts to Rajveer just before her head hits the front seat and she faints from the injury. Rajveer worries for Preeta. They meet with an accident during their entry into the city, all thanks to Shaurya’s spoilt attitude. Rajveer rushes Preeta to get aid. He gets the police to the Luthra house. He barges inside and accuses Shaurya of attempting to kill Preeta. Shaurya is summoned by the already-shocked Luthras. He asks the matter. Rajveer accuses him of Preeta’s condition. He asks the inspector to arrest Shaurya. Shaurya gets mad at Rajveer. Karan and Rishabh appear shocked. Rajveer loves his mother, while Shaurya is filled with pride over his dad’s richness.



Nehmat decides to not get engaged to Ekam and makes Jasmin succeed in her plan. She is heartbroken that Jasmin has dragged Fateh and Tejo into the matter. She doesn’t want her parents’ names to get stained. She decides to leave Ekam if she gets blamed for snatching her sister’s love. Jasmin’s words echo in her ears. She walks out of the place, leaving Ekam alone. Later, Jasmin is seen dancing in the Roka event. She makes her family feel embarrassed by her performance.


Meet encourages Yashoda. Yashoda tells that a man is a woman’s protector and pride. She adds that a wife succeeds in life when she can win her husband’s heart. She tells that Manmeet doesn’t love Meet, he hates her and he loves Shagun. She tells that Manmeet will remove Meet from his life one day. She asks Meet will she love Manmeet if she doesn’t get the love reciprocated. She doesn’t want to lose Manmeet. She tells that she wants to give him all the happiness which lies in Shagun. She wants to accept Shagun who will love Manmeet equally. She doesn’t think Meet is made for Manmeet. She justifies her decision to Meet.

Radha Mohan:

Radha and Mohan spend quality time with Gungun. Kadambari is glad to see them happy. Tulsi finds Gungun lucky to get such parents. Damini wants Radha to get thrown out of the house. She calls it Radha’s last day in the house. She makes an evil plan and frames Radha. She talks about the important documents that contain all their secrets. Radha grows curious to find the papers. Damini tells that they are safe now because Radha will never enter Bhushan’s room. She tells that she has hidden the papers in Bhushan’s room, and she will come back from puja and burn the papers. Radha wants to expose Damini. She lands in the trap. Bhushan wants to take his revenge on Radha. Radha looks for the papers. Bhushan stops when the fire alarm starts ringing. The family rushes home to see if Radha is okay. Mohan hears the fire alarm ringing and rushes home to save Radha. He hugs Radha with much affection and concern. Radha gets glad. Bhushan lies to the family. Radha later thanks Ketki for saving her. Radha decides to burn Bhushan’s evil in the Holi fire.


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