Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Ranbir revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Ranbir revelation

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Ranbir revelation Prachi and Ranbir argue against Akshay’s proposal and Dida’s announcement. Ranbir asks Prachi how can she call it nothing when she has a love story forming between Akshay and her. She says that it’s nothing for her. She means that it doesn’t mean anything, but he misunderstands her. She tells that she doesn’t have to answer him. She is hurt by his questioning. She thinks of Rhea who is seeing a future with Ranbir. She doesn’t want to come between Rhea’s happiness. Ashok tells Akshay that he will go to Prachi and request her to consider Akshay’s proposal. Prachi is upset with Ranbir. She finally accepts Akshay’s proposal and shocks Ranbir further. Akshay celebrates the good news. Ashok is very happy that Prachi has taken the right decision this time. Ranbir can’t take it anymore. He feels burdened with guilt.

Ranbir gets upset that he has helped Akshay in proposing to Prachi. He tells Akshay that she would have never told him yes if he proposed to her on his own. He asks him why did he seek his help. Ashok asks Ranbir why is he talking like that, is he not happy that Prachi has accepted Akshay’s proposal? Ranbir says that he isn’t happy at all. Akshay asks Ranbir does he also love Prachi. Ranbir thinks it’s time to tell Akshay that Prachi is his wife, his love, and his life.


Ranbir decides to tell Akshay about his past relationship with Prachi which is still not over. He still loves Prachi and wants her back in his life. He also wants to tell him that he didn’t know Prachi is the girl Akshay loves since he assumed Akshay likes Priya. How will Ranbir explain his intense love for Prachi and the reason for their separation? Will Ranbir speak up and clear the confusion? Keep reading for a quick update on Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st March 2023 Written Update Ranbir revelation:

Pallavi tells Dida that Prachi wasn’t in Ranbir’s life before and now she is back. She tells that Ranbir was all alone and he had no one to spend his life with, he is her son and his happiness matters the most to her. She wants Ranbir to decide for his life. Dida asks if they should stay silent and see their child’s life getting spoiled. Pallavi tells that Ranbir has grown up and become sensible, he is capable to decide for his life and it’s his right. She doesn’t want to expect that he also likes the girl of her choice. She tells that Ranbir and Prachi will decide about their lives. She doesn’t know if Ranbir likes Rhea or Prachi. She asks them to let Ranbir decide who he likes.

Badi Dadi tells that she doesn’t want Ranbir to take Prachi’s name. She knows it’s Ranbir’s life. She tells that it’s a decision and Prachi won’t come back into Ranbir’s life. Dida tells that she didn’t do anything wrong, Ranbir can’t back off from his promise to Rhea and that’s the best option. She adds that she loves Ranbir a lot. Pallavi tells that Dida has chosen the wrong time to announce without asking Ranbir. She pleads that her son has a right to decide on his marriage. She wonders what Ranbir and Prachi are going through. Rhea reaches there. Dida tells that they will call the designers for the costumes. She hides the matter from Rhea. She tells Rhea that they are talking about her marriage. Rhea happily hugs Dida.

She thanks Dida for giving her life’s biggest surprise and joy. Pallavi isn’t happy with Dida’s actions. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words. She feels guilty. She gets to see Ashok and Akshay. Ashok tells that he will talk to Prachi and hug her. Akshay tells that she is somewhere around. He looks for Prachi. Prachi hides from Akshay. She collides with Rhea. Rhea asks her if is she okay. Prachi congratulates Rhea once again. She tells that she is very happy for her. She hugs Rhea. Rhea tells that she is very happy with Prachi’s return. Prachi tells that she is also happy for her.

She asks Rhea to come home and meet Dadi and Sahana. She leaves for home. Priya gets to see them. Ashok thanks Ranbir for the help. He tells that Ranbir has made Akshay propose Prachi, which is a big help. Ashok tells that if Ranbir didn’t help Akshay, then Prachi would have never said yes. Ranbir asks him if Prachi said yes. Ashok tells that Prachi didn’t say no, which means it’s a yes. He adds that Prachi speaks less, Ranbir doesn’t know her, and they know her well. He is sure that it’s her yes. He congratulates Ranbir on his marriage. He tells that it’s a double happiness moment. Ranbir is upset.

Dida feels she has done the right thing. Badi Dadi tells that Dida is right and she shouldn’t worry. Vikram tells that Dida is always right. Dida asks him to explain this to his wife. He asks the matter. She complains about Pallavi, who regards the announcement as a big mistake. Pallavi tells that wrong is wrong, and this time Dida is wrong. Dida asks her to listen to her first. Ashok asks Ranbir why is he lost. Ranbir tells that he is thinking he did right or not. Akshay tells that Ranbir also wanted this. Ranbir tells that if Akshay proposed to Prachi his way then she would have never said yes. He feels it was his mistake to help Akshay. He asks Akshay why did he take his help.

Ashok asks Ranbir why is he sounding upset, and isn’t happy with Prachi’s reply. Ranbir tells that he isn’t happy at all. Akshay asks why isn’t he happy, and if he is also in love with Prachi. Ashok asks Akshay not to misunderstand Ranbir, who isn’t happy with his marriage announcement with Rhea. Ranbir controls his feelings. He tells that Ashok is right. He adds that he isn’t happy with the marriage announcement. Ashok tells that if Ranbir liked Prachi, then he would have never helped Akshay with the proposal. Akshay apologizes. Ranbir tells that he had a misunderstanding. Ashok asks Akshay to call Prachi and ask her to come to meet him.

He tells Ranbir that he is Prachi’s boss, but also like her father, and he can scold her with all the rights. Ranbir controls his tears. Prachi leaves the party. She remembers Ranbir. She doesn’t take Akshay’s call. She is hurt that Ranbir helped Akshay with the proposal. She breaks down. Akshay tells that Prachi isn’t answering. Priya tells them that Prachi left. Akshay finds it strange that she left without telling him. Ranbir calls it very strange. Akshay tells that she might have not seen them. Ashok tells that they will meet Vikram and make a leave.

Dida tells Pallavi that she is the eldest in the house and she is right. She taunts that she has seen Pallavi taking wrong decisions always. Pallavi asks her to explain. Vikram asks them not to blame each other. He doesn’t want them to argue. Dida reminds Pallavi of the promise made to Rhea. Pallavi tells that it’s about Ranbir’s entire life. She doesn’t want to do anything without talking to Ranbir. Dida tells that Pallavi is taking the wrong decision, Ranbir can’t stay with Prachi and he must marry Rhea. Pallavi asks her to let Ranbir decide for his life.

She asks Dida why isn’t understanding. Badi Dadi asks her to let Dida decide this time for the family’s betterment. Vikram asks them to discuss after seeing off the guests. Prachi comes home with tears in her eyes. Sahana and Dadi worry seeing her. Prachi hugs Sahana. They ask Prachi what’s the matter. Sahana asks if Rhea told her something. Prachi tells that it was Ranbir’s birthday party, Akshay had proposed to her for marriage in front of everyone and Dida announced Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. They understand the cause of Prachi’s sorrow.


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