3 Top Spoilers Udaariyaan Parineetii Bekaboo

3 Top Spoilers Udaariyaan Parineetii Bekaboo

3 Top Spoilers Udaariyaan Parineetii Bekaboo. #1 Udaariyaan Nehmat breaks Ekam’s heart. Ekam asks Nehmat why is she leaving him. He shouts that he can’t live without her and she is aware of this fact. He asks her if Advait or Jasmin has threatened her and forced her to step back from the marriage. Harleen stops Nehmat from leaving. She asks her if she can live without Ekam. She asks Nehmat to meet Ekam’s eyes and tell him that she can live without him. She tells that she isn’t the only person who wants to hear this, the entire family wants to hear, if Nehmat can live without her Ekam. Nehmat stays speechless and doesn’t say a word. Ekam gets heartbroken by Nehmat’s killing silence. The entire family tries to break Nehmat’s silence and learn the reason for her denial. Jasmin has threatened Nehmat about Ekam’s life and made her step back from the marriage. Jasmin plans to get Harleen married to Ekam.

#2 Parineetii Neeti plans Pari’s murder:


Pari cries seeing her mum getting arrested. She asks the family to support her and save her mum. She tells that her mum is innocent. Even Tai ji is helpless in the situation. Pari appeals to Neeti and asks her to save her mum. Neeti turns her face away. Pari gets hugely disappointed. Neeti faces the taunts that she got a good husband, but she lost him because of Pari. She rushes to the police station and finds Sanju with Pari. She feels her life has become hell because of Pari, who is clever and wants to get Sanju by using the child. Neeti decides to remove Pari from her life. She tells that she will make Pari’s murder appear like an accident so that the police don’t reach her. She plans to kill Pari. She tells that the police will get involved in the case, and she must be careful.

#3 Bekaboo Ranav attacks Bela to kill her:

Bela exposes Ranav’s reality in front of everyone at Adi and Mallika’s engagement party. She tells Mallika that she had seen Ranav running into the jungle and changing his human form into a devilish one. She adds that she has seen Ranav transforming into a huge Rakshas. Nobody believes Bela, but Yamini does. Yamini realizes that Ranav’s Rakshas powers have awakened and now he is unstoppable. She warns her sons about Ranav. Ranav stops Bela from exposing his truth. He tells that she loves fiction and she is making stories. Later, Ranav aka Pratham attacks Bela at her home. He tells that she has seen his truth and also tried to expose him, and now she won’t be alive to prove it to anyone. He tells that whoever sees a Rakshas in its true form doesn’t stay alive. He catches hold of Bela and tells her that he will kill her.


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