Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s past

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Prachi's past

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s past Ashok tells Prachi that if she leaves his company, then the business might get handled, but he will shatter. He tells that he loves her as his daughter and can’t handle things without her. He asks her to not leave. Prachi tells that he knows what he means to her. She asks him to give her some time, she is his daughter and she is appealing to him from her heart. Akshay learns that Ashok couldn’t convince Prachi.

He tells that he wants to know what reason is making Prachi so scared of love. He decides to ask Rhea about it. He tells that he will talk to Rhea and try to find the reason why Prachi isn’t ready to move on in her life. He suspects that something from Prachi’s past is pulling her back. He decides to find out about Prachi’s past so that he can help her and understand the reason for her refusal. Ranbir tries to clear his mind from Prachi’s thoughts. He wants to move on with his life. He tells himself that he must move on in his life just like Prachi and Rhea are moving on on their terms. He is glad to see them taking decisions on their own and with much maturity.


He isn’t happy that Prachi will move on with Akshay, but he wants her happiness. He wants Prachi to move on if that gives her happiness and peace. Ranbir decides to focus on Khushi rather than Prachi. He wants to bring Khushi home and thinks only Khushi can complete his family now. Khushi will be seen in the track once again, when both Ranbir and Prachi reach her to calm the storm in their hearts. Will Akshay learn that Ranbir is Prachi’s husband? Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th April 2023 Written Update Prachi’s past:

Akshay meets Prachi and makes an apology for not understanding her decision. He asks her to forgive him. She asks him to leave her alone for some time. Ashok asks Akshay to leave. Akshay obeys him and leaves. Ashok tells Prachi that she knows what she means to him, she means a family to him and she is more important than Akshay to him. He calls her equal to her son, who gives him courage and strength. He tells her that he can’t handle himself if she goes away. She tells that she is like his daughter and wants some time off. She asks him to understand her feelings.

Akshay tells that he wants to talk to her. He asks her to listen to him once. He wants to meet her at her place and try to know the reason for her refusal. He asks her to allow him to come home. Prachi agrees. She asks him not to follow her because she is already leaving weirdly. She makes a leave. Akshay tells Ashok that Prachi isn’t talking to him. Ashok tells that she needs some time, they aren’t aware of her past wounds and maybe they have hurt her unknowingly.

He wants to see both Akshay and Prachi happy. He tells that Prachi is like his daughter and he wants her happiness too. Akshay wants to know what happened in Prachi’s past. He tells that he will ask Rhea about Prachi. He wants to know why is Prachi scared of love and happiness, and what is stopping her. Ashok doesn’t think that they should sneak into her past. He tells her that she will open up about her past when she wants. Akshay tells that Prachi doesn’t express her pain and sorrow. He wants to know everything about her past. He tells that Prachi’s past hurts her.

He doesn’t want to judge her on her past but heal her wounds. He tells that he loves her. He doesn’t want to make any mistake that hurts her. He asks Ashok to let him speak to Rhea and find out the truth at least for Prachi’s sake. Ashok is proud of Akshay’s thinking. Akshay messages Vikram and asks for Rhea’s number. Vikram wonders why Akshay wants Rhea’s number. He sends Rhea’s number to him. Akshay calls Rhea. Rhea doesn’t see his call.

On the other hand, Ranbir recalls Rhea’s words. He tells her that Rhea has decided the right thing and that she doesn’t want to marry him. He also wants to tell her that he doesn’t want to marry her. He calls up Rhea, but she doesn’t pick up. He thinks that she will call back and he will tell her his decision. He sees Prachi going to the lift space. He helps her and gets into the lift with her. He feels the silence between them ends forever. He forgets to press the floor button and get down at Kaya’s office floor. Prachi stumbles like always. She drops the documents box and gets into Ranbir’s arms. They get into a romantic moment. He helps her in picking the fallen documents.

They find the lift stuck. Ranbir tells that something is wrong. Soon, the power gets stable and the lift starts working. She congratulates him on his marriage decision. He congratulates her on Akshay’s proposal. He tells that Akshay is a nice guy. She tells that even Rhea is nice. She praises Akshay that he is sensible, and she likes him just like Ranbir likes Rhea. Ranbir praises Rhea to be so sensible and understanding. He tells that Rhea understands him a lot. She tells that Rhea is her sister. He tells that Rhea isn’t like Prachi. She asks if he is taunting her. He tells that it’s not important that two sisters are the same. She is happy to see him happy with Rhea.

He tells that Rhea is so nice and mature, she cares for him and values his happiness. She thinks she used to beat him and harass him all the time. She tells that she got reminded of Akshay’s good qualities. She calls Akshay caring and understanding. He thinks he used to ignore her and never cared for her. He tells that he is happy for her. She tells that Akshay cares so much for her. She makes up fake stories to make him jealous. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t want to tell her anything else she may feel bad. The lift works, but their floor doesn’t come for so long. Their conversation goes on. They get ample time to argue.

Ranbir tells her that he helped Akshay with the proposal. She gets angry that Akshay proposed to her in front of everyone because of Ranbir. He tells that he didn’t ask Akshay to propose in front of everyone but in private, Dida saw his proposal and then made the announcement, Akshay is the cause of all the problems. She asks him not to tell anything when he has no right to her. He tells that he was mad to come after her. She asks him to stop talking to her. She tells that she will get down the lift. The lift starts shaking and gives them jitters. They both get worried.

The security guard finds the lift stuck and raises an alarm. Akshay hears the alarm and asks what is happening. He asks the technician about it. He learns about the stuck lift. Guard tells him that two people are stuck inside. Akshay asks who are they. Guard tells that Prachi and Ranbir are stuck inside. Akshay runs to save Prachi. He learns that the lift cable was getting changed today and it can fall anytime. Akshay asks why didn’t he stop the lift in time. He tells that if anything happens to Prachi, then he will not spare him. Ranbir asks Prachi what she thinks, are they in danger or not?

She gets angry at his foolishness. Ranbir tries to decode the issue. She tells that they are in danger. He tells that he was checking her general knowledge. She asks him to try to help. Akshay rushes to save Prachi and Ranbir and asks the technician to do something of fixing the lift. She gives a solution to Ranbir and asks him to call his office girl. She tells that she isn’t in the mood to talk to him. He asks her to not boss him around and request him. She asks him to call the receptionist. Ranbir calls the girl and informs her that he is stuck inside the lift. He asks her to send help.

The girl informs her that the lift is hanging on a single safety cable and it’s a risky situation. Ranbir and Prachi get worried. Akshay shouts to Prachi. Prachi asks him to save Ranbir and her. Akshay gets Rhea’s call. She apologizes for missing his call. She knows that he has called her to know about Prachi. She asks him to convince Prachi. He informs her that Prachi and Ranbir are stuck inside the lift which is running on a single cable. He tells that he has to arrange help for Prachi. Prachi gets Akshay’s call, while Ranbir picks up Rhea’s call. Prachi and Ranbir see each other.

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