GHKPM Sai Satya Romance 4th April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Sai Satya Romance 4th April 2023 Written Update

GHKPM Sai Satya Romance 4th April 2023 Written Update Virat lies to Pakhi about the divorce papers. She asks him why is he tense when he got the papers. He tells that it’s confidential papers. He thanks her and runs back to his room to hide the papers. He doesn’t want Pakhi to learn the truth so soon. He signs the divorce papers. He tries to mentally prepare himself to release Pakhi from their namesake relationship. He wants to tell Sai that he wants to spend his life with Sai and their children. He is very sure that Pakhi’s problems will end once he confesses his feelings to Sai. He thinks to ask Pakhi to sign the divorce papers by explaining his stand. He keeps the papers in the cupboard. He waits for Sai. She comes home.

Virat asks the reason for getting late. She tells that she had some work and got late, she went to meet Satya at his place but he doesn’t need to ask her anything. He wants to know why did she go to meet Satya. She asks him not to interfere in her personal life. He tells her that it’s okay and she doesn’t need to tell him. They get into an argument. Vinayak tells Sai that the family had prepared the food together and finished it too before she had come. She tells that Satya’s family had sent food for Vinayak. Virat asks the reason for Satya’s involvement in his family. Sai asks Vinayak to share the food with Saavi.


Sai tells Virat that Satya and Vinayak have a bond. Virat asks what’s going on. She doesn’t think she should answer him. He calms his mind and apologizes to her for his rude tone. He tells her that he has to tell her something. They get interrupted by Pakhi. Pakhi tells that she had kept the food for her, the children have made the sandwiches today and she should have it. Sai tells that she will have it. Virat doesn’t think he can tell his feelings to Sai in front of Pakhi. Sai gets upset when she gets a card from Vinayak. She knows that Pakhi is Vinayak’s mother, Pakhi has ended his hatred for Sai and changed it into love.

She doesn’t want to snatch Vinayak from Pakhi. She is in a dilemma. Virat gets occupied with Sai’s thoughts. He wants her back in his life. He realizes he was dreaming about Sai. He gets stunned to see Pakhi. She asks him why was he smiling in sleep, and did he see a nice dream. She apologizes to him. She asks him to come back to their room. Sai teases Satya with a marriage alliance search song. She tells that Satya is the most eligible bachelor. She adds that it’s not easy to impress him. He asks her if she is interested in him. She tells that she has no interest. He boasts of his charming personality that girls get drawn to him.

She asks why his mum shows his Kundali to every girl. She asks him to get married. He tells her that he can’t marry any girl, he won’t marry Sai even if she shows interest in him because it’s his choice. They get into a moment. He tells that no girl deserves him. Virat calls up Sai to speak to her. She asks him what’s the matter. Virat tells that he wants to meet her and talk to her. She tells that she will inform him when she gets free. He tells her that he will come to pick her up. He looks forward to meeting her and confesses his feelings to her. Sai confesses her love to Satya in a dramatic way. Satya is amazed. Virat comes to pick up Sai. He is shocked to see Sai with Satya.


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