Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Shaurya

Kundali Bhagya 7th April 2023 Written Update Preeta stuns Shaurya Shaurya tells Nidhi that Karan thinks he will beg to him to get out of jail, it’s Karan’s misunderstanding and it won’t happen. He says that he will call Rishabh who will rescue him. Nidhi asks him to relax. She tells that she got Karan with her just to save Shaurya, but the media had upset Karan. Shaurya tells that Karan is stone-hearted, Nidhi can handle the situation easily without Karan’s help, she can just go to Rakhi and emotionally blackmail her, she can tell Rakhi that Shaurya was crying a lot and Rakhi will melt her heart. He is sure that Rakhi will convince Karan to bail him out. Nidhi tells that nobody cares for Shaurya, not even Karan loves Shaurya, but she is there to help out Shaurya. She asks him to trust her.

She says that they are a team and they have to trust each other. She asks him not to worry by tomorrow morning. She asks him to manage for one night. Shaurya feels lucky to have her. Nidhi and Preeta miss seeing each other. Constable takes Preeta to Shaurya’s cell. Preeta goes to see him. She recalls their first meeting. Shaurya is amazed to see her. Palki returns the phone to Rajveer. They have a moment. Constable laughs seeing them. He asks about Preeta. Palki tells that Preeta is signing the statement, and she will come soon. He goes to get Preeta. Constable tells Palki that Rajveer is really nice. Palki tells that he isn’t her boyfriend.


Constable tells Shaurya that Preeta was traveling in that bus, and she could have lost her life, she is Rajveer’s Maasi. Shaurya asks if is she Maasi of that crazy guy. She calms him down and tells him that Rajveer is sensible just like Shaurya. She asks him not to get angry. He tells that Rajveer had filed a case against him. Constable tells that Shaurya did a crime and it’s his fault. Preeta tells that she will explain to Shaurya. She tells him that she wanted to meet him thinking she can help him. She adds that the accident was dangerous and anything could have happened to the people. Shaurya asks her not to give him a lecture because he already got it from his dad. She holds his hand.

They have an emotional connection. She tells that his dad was giving him a lecture for the same reason as her because they have more life experience. She asks him to accept his mistake, and that’s a cool attitude, he should learn from his mistake and apologize. She feels he is really nice, but his habits are bad, if he leaves his bad habits and company, then he can achieve a lot in his life and he can make his parents proud. She asks him if he could forgive himself if the people died in the accident and if anything happened to his life. She tells that drinking isn’t good for him, he is young and should focus on his career, his parents will be happy if he does good work, they would be loving him a lot, and they won’t like to see his name on the criminals’ list.

She asks him to learn from the past and make the future better. Shaurya asks her why isn’t she angry with him that she had tried to harm her life. She tells that he did the mistake unknowingly, it wasn’t intentional, if he apologizes and learns from his mistake, then everything gets fine. She tells that she isn’t angry with him. She advises him. Rajveer looks for her. She tells Shaurya that she will go now. She asks him to take care of himself. She blesses Shaurya to always stay safe. Shaurya feels strange seeing her kindness. She goes to Rajveer. He asks her what was she talking to Shaurya. She takes a shocking decision.

She tells that she wants to take the complaint back. He asks her not to do this. She tells that Shaurya did wrong, the people are okay and everything is fine. She doesn’t want Shaurya’s career to get ruined by filing a police case. She tells that Shaurya is young, and he is just like Rajveer, they should give him a warning and leave him free. Rajveer tells that Shaurya isn’t Preeta’s son, and he is really spoilt. She tells that he is someone’s son and he shouldn’t get the criminal stamp. She feels he will reform. He tells that they shall punish Shaurya and make him realize his crime, and his upbringing would be bad so he doesn’t value anyone’s life. Palki tells that the police won’t leave Shaurya free even if they take the complaint back.

Rajveer asks Palki to take Preeta home. Rajveer goes to scold Shaurya. They both get into an argument. Rajveer asks how he traps Preeta in his words, she is emotional and he shouldn’t play with her feelings. He tells that she is a nice person and she wants to see everyone happy, she is saying she wants to withdraw the case because Shaurya manipulated her. He warns Shaurya to stay away from Preeta. He says that it’s not possible to get free from jail. He asks Shaurya not to anger him. Shaurya cares a damn and laughs at Rajveer. He is angry with Karan. He wants to show Karan that Kalyug and the villains are heroes now. Mahesh and Rishabh come home. They learn about Bani’s health condition. Bani tells Rishabh that Shaurya’s arrest news shocked her and she slipped down the stairs. Mahesh and Rishabh receive a shock. They ask about the matter. Rakhi tells that Karan and Nidhi have gone to the police station to free Shaurya. Rishabh rushes to help Shaurya. Bani prays for Shaurya. Rajveer tells that he had to sign some papers. Preeta asks him what is he hiding. He tells that he had gone to meet Shaurya. He doesn’t think they should take the complaint back. She defends Shaurya. She feels Shaurya isn’t bad at heart. He tells that they will not discuss Shaurya. They leave for home. Palki finds Rajveer caring for her. They smile seeing each other.


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