Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj sly move

Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj sly move

Anupama 8th April 2023 Written Update Vanraj sly move. Anupama bravely fights with her life situation, while Kanta and Bhavesh secretly follow her to protect her without letting her know. Vanraj tells that his children don’t believe him, but he won’t clarify anything to them, because his focus is on his work and Anupama. The children worry for Anupama. Vanraj admits that he did wrong to Anupama, but he won’t let Anuj do wrong to her. He wants to stand by her as a true friend. He tells them that he will become her best friend and help her even if she doesn’t need his support. He wants to become unconditional support to her. Kavya is shocked by his declaration. He shows his intentions that he wants Anupama back in his life.

On the other side, Anuj calls up Ankush. Ankush is happy and surprised by his call, but Barkha fears losing control. Ankush asks Anuj where is he and whether is he okay. Anuj tells that he is okay and he is thinking to get back to work. Ankush asks Anuj to come back and handle the work. He tells that everyone is missing him a lot. Barkha doesn’t want Anuj to return. She asks him to take a break, he needs emotional healing and he shouldn’t worry about work, Ankush and Adhik are handling the business well and Anuj should focus on his health. She gets angry with Ankush for calling Anuj home.


She doesn’t want Anuj to return and ruin their hard work. Ankush tells that Anuj will come back because everything belongs to Anuj. She asks him to understand their loss. He asks her not to cheat them by snatching Anuj’s business. She tells that she doesn’t want Anuj to return and meet Anupama. She asks them not to lose this golden chance. She is firm in her decision. Anupama returns to her dance academy to make a fresh start. Kanta and Bhavesh get happy that Anupama has got busy with her work. She cleans the dance academy. She gets back to her work. Barkha enjoys handling the office and business.

Vanraj eats sweets and thinks of his new motives. Kavya is cautious. Anuj cleans his house without taking Maya’s help. Maya stays around him. Moreover, Pakhi calls up Adhik and informs him that Anupama has gone to the dance academy. She wants him to meet Anupama. Adhik tells that he can’t come because he is busy handling the business. She asks him if he forgot Anupama’s favors. He tells that he remembers but he has work stress. He asks her to go and spend time with Anupama. They both get into an argument. Barkha wonders how did Anupama start her dance academy. She expected Anupama to sob for months.

Adhik tells that Anupama never accepts defeat. Barkha wants to keep an eye on Anupama so that she doesn’t lose power. Vanraj asks Kavya not to fight with him. She questions him about Anupama. Anirudh calls her. He asks her to take Anirudh’s call. He orders a special bouquet for Anupama. He doesn’t care if Kavya bonds with Anirudh. Barkha tries to manipulate Dimpy. She tells that Anuj had called her, he is so hurt and left the family too. She brainwashes Dimpy against Anupama. She asks Dimpy to go to the dance academy, which she had handled till now.

Anupama calls Maya and enquires about Anuj and Anu. Maya lies to her. Anupama learns that Anuj is okay. Maya lies to Anuj about Anupama’s call. Anupama wants to distract herself. Vanraj meets Anupama and gives an emotional speech. He tells that he wants to become her friend and this time he won’t disappoint her. Anupama accepts his friendship and thinks to see what he does. Dimpy taunts Anupama that she was handling the dance academy in her absence and she will handle it in the future as well. Samar is surprised by Dimpy’s change in behavior.


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