GHKPM 8th April 2023 Written Update Virat proposes Sai

GHKPM 8th April 2023 Written Update Virat proposes Sai

GHKPM 8th April 2023 Written Update Virat proposes Sai Virat succeeds in his mission and nabs the evil people. He saves his cadets and drives the bus to the camp. He gets glad to meet Sai. He tells her that he got shot, but he is safe because of the bulletproof jacket. He adds that he had tricked the terrorists. Sai cries for him. She asks him to stop acting heroic. He feels happy seeing her intense concern for him. She tells that she was so scared and prayed for his safety all the way. She asks him if is he really okay. He says that he is okay. Satya reaches there and gives Sai’s slippers. He tells that Sai had run on the road by removing her slippers. Virat finds Sai’s foot hurt.

He asks her what was she doing. He realizes that Sai loves him. He asks her if she will get hurt and take care of others. He wants her to aid herself first and then treat the injured police officers. He cares for Sai’s wound. He makes her wear the slippers. Sai gets touched by his gesture. Virat and Sai have a romantic moment. He feels lucky to get Sai’s love. He decides to confess his feelings to her, as he had decided before. His survival gives him new hope.


He tells her that he wanted to tell her something important once the mission is completed. He adds that he had taken her to that special place to confess his feelings. He tells that he loves her a lot and wants to spend his life with her and their children. He adds that he wants to make her his wife once again. He proposes to her for marriage. Sai is taken aback. What will be Sai’s answer to Virat’s proposal? Keep reading.

GHKPM 8th April 2023 Written Update Virat proposes Sai:

Satya and Sai do their duty at the camp. Virat hears the nurses talking about Satya and Sai’s friendship. Satya sees Sai’s wound bleeding and takes care of her. Virat gets jealous seeing them. He recalls the incident in his family. Virat is hindered to talk to Sai. He wants to speak to her. Satya tells Sai about Girja’s loss. He is sorrowful over her demise. Sai learns that Girja died by committing suicide. She asks the reason. He tells that her father was against their marriage. He loved her a lot. He says that he will always love her. He feels restless that he wasn’t allowed to see her for the last time. He misses her a lot. Sai understands his pain. She pacifies him.

He says that Virat is Sai’s first and last love. Sai admits it. Savi calls Sai and gets glad to know that Sai has saved Virat. Satya speaks to Savi and learns what the kids and Sai think of him. He tells that he will not trouble Sai. Savi tells that she will complain to Virat about him and get him arrested. She asks Satya to get scared of Virat. Satya laughs. He says that he is scared of Sai as well. Virat asks Savi not to worry for Sai and him. Savi rushes to inform the family that Virat and Sai are okay, and she spoke to them just them. Pakhi is much relieved. She wants to talk to Virat.

Virat stops Sai to tell her the special thing for which he took her to that special place. He gets Pakhi’s call. He answers the call instead of disconnecting it by mistake. He confesses his feelings of love to Sai. Pakhi overhears them and is shattered when he proposes to Sai for marriage. Virat tells that Sai has shown her concern for him, he still matters to her, and it’s her love. He asks her to say the truth if it’s true that she loves him because he has felt it. Sai tells that he matters to her. He tells that he knew it and that’s why he had decided to share his feelings, he had sworn to confess love to her if he gets saved and comes back alive to her. The terrorists reach there and start a shootout.

Virat is shocked and shouts at Sai. He asks her to run. They run and hide. Sai asks him what is going on and he said the situation is under control. He tells that Dutta is alive, so his men have come to free him. He adds that he wants to tell his feelings to Sai before he goes. He reveals his sweet dream to Sai and tells her that he wants to start fresh with Sai and their children. He says I love you Sai, which surprises Sai and shocks, Pakhi. Pakhi is still connected on the call. She hears Virat’s confession and cries profusely. Virat tells Sai that he loves her a lot, and wants to spend his entire life with her. He asks Sai to say if she wants to marry him and accept him as her life partner. Sai doesn’t say yes, but Virat is hopeful that she will accept his proposal. Sai returns home and finds Pakhi upset.

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