3 Epic Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Radha Mohan

3 Epic Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Radha Mohan

3 Epic Twists in Bhagya Lakshmi Maitree Radha Mohan. Vikrant makes an entry into the Oberoi house. He meets the Oberois. His stunning looks surprise everyone. The family was expecting him to be an ugly guy, after seeing his dark picture. Vikrant has a big motive behind entering Lakshmi’s life. He tells them that he has heard much praise of Lakshmi from his family, and got eager to meet her. Rishi finds Vikrant a handsome, rich, smart, sensible, good-valued, and charming guy. He is upset that Vikrant is a perfect match for Lakshmi, and that nobody will reject him. Everyone is glad to meet Vikrant.

Vikrant pleases Virender with his talks. Neelam is happy that Vikrant has turned out to be so perfect. Vikrant asks them to call Lakshmi. Neelam asks Rishi to get Lakshmi downstairs if he is okay with Vikrant. Rishi tells that Vikrant is nice and he has no issues. He sadly goes to call Lakshmi. Lakshmi meets Vikrant. Neelam gets hopeful that Vikrant will like her and that the marriage will get fixed soon.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan and Gungun plan a big surprise for Radha. Radha comes home after her first day at work. She gets surprised to see Mohan and Gungun putting up a Golgappa stall for her. Mohan tells that he has brought the chaat stall for Radha because she loves to eat Golgappas. Radha laughs at Gungun in disguise. Gungun asks Radha to have Golgappas. Radha eats the Golgappas. She is much impressed. She realizes that Mohan can do anything. She loves the stall and also their efforts. Mohan has fallen in love with Radha. Radha gets reminded of Tulsi’s death. She cries and leaves from there. Mohan wonders why did Radha get upset. Radha hides the incidents that happened at her office. She doesn’t want to tell Mohan about Damini’s demeaning behavior and the harmful attacks.


Nandini recovers from a coma and comes back into Nandish’s life. Maitree loves her son Nandish a lot. She is happy that Nandini got fine and she has come back to them. Nandish tells that Maitree is his mother. He doesn’t like to be with Nandini. Maitree asks him to have the food by Nandini’s hands. Nandini puts effort into winning his heart. He tells that he wants to have the food by Maitree’s hands. Nandini turns upset. Vasundara creates a rift between Nandini and Maitree.



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