Kundali Bhagya Rajveer meets Karan Dramatic scene

Kundali Bhagya Rajveer meets Karan Dramatic scene

Kundali Bhagya Rajveer meets Karan Dramatic scene. Kundali Bhagya New Spoiler Rajveer finally meets Karan Luthra in his house. He is surprised to see Karan. He wonders how did Karan come. He knows Karan is his father. Karan introduces himself as Shaurya’s father. Rajveer gets emotional meeting his father, who doesn’t even know about him. Rajveer cries while shaking hands with Karan. Karan and Rajveer’s first meeting gets too dramatic. Karan doesn’t know Rajveer’s family. He has missed seeing Preeta. Rajveer says that Karan is his ideal and his inspiration. He has revenge motives in his mind but covers it up. Karan holds Rajveer, who gets away and appears angry at him. Karan finds him crying and asks the reason. Rajveer says that he will not spare Shaurya because of Karan. Karan will not know soon that Rajveer is his son.

Pandya Store Spoiler: Dhara feels neglected by her family


Dhara is much upset. She recovers from a kidney operation. She doesn’t know about the curfew in the city. She thinks the family didn’t come to see her at the hospital even once. She gets emotional. She confronts the family for not visiting her once after she donated her kidney to Natasha. She asks them the reason for their indifference. She thinks they are angry because they value money more than her. Rishita tries to convince Dhara to have food with the family. Dhara doesn’t listen. She refuses to dine with them. She asks Rishita to leave her alone. Rishita gets Natasha there.

Natasha hugs Dhara. Rishita and the family have planned a surprise party for Dhara. Dhara is upset that the family doesn’t love her. She says that she always stood up for the family, but nobody stood by her. She is hurt and shattered. The family wants to explain the situation to her. They also try to cover up Gautam’s absence from Dhara. Gautam met with an accident. The family is in sorrow. They hide the tension. Natasha convinces Dhara to come with her and have food with the family.

Main Hoon Aparajita:

Aparajita requests Nia to give her a chance. She tells that she doesn’t want to take anyone’s place in Akshay’s life. Akshay overhears them. He asks Aparajita why did she make him a villain in Nia’s life by telling her their history. Aparajita tells that she just said she won’t take Mohini’s place. He asks her to handle Amma and their children. He advises her to keep her responsibilities than demeaning him. Aparajita tells that she is clear about her intentions.

Their daughters find them arguing and get worried. Later, Arjun confesses love to Disha. He tells her that he loves her and wants to confess it to her. He tells that he wants to meet her family and talk about their marriage. He proposes to her marriage. He asks her if she will give him a chance to become her better half. He tells that they both will be meeting their families soon. Disha gets touched by his proposal. Nia loves Arjun and wants him at any cost. Nia, Disha, and Arjun will have a love triangle.

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