Anupama 11th April 2023 Written Update Two twists

Anupama 11th April 2023 Written Update Two twists

Anupama 11th April 2023 Written Update Two twists Samar tells Pakhi that Dimpy wants the betterment of the academy. Pakhi argues that Dimpy wants to own the academy. She defends her mother. Dimpy questions Pakhi if she respects her mother. Dimpy angers everyone. Paritosh asks Samar not to become like Pakhi and him. He tells that Samar should stay as a perfect son. Dimpy tells that the academy won’t run if everyone interferes with the work all the time. Anupama is worried seeing the clashes between her children. On the other hand, Vanraj tells Anuj that he never imagined that Anuj will abandon Anupama. He laughs at Anuj’s cult love #Maan. He tells that Anuj’s love didn’t sustain for a year, Anupama’s love had broken her down and he has been too wrong.

He asks Anuj how did he change so much when he claimed to love Anupama so much. Anuj asks him to stop discussing Anupama. He doesn’t want to explain anything. Vanraj tells that he isn’t asking for any explanation. Anuj asks him to not stop him. Vanraj tells that he has to tell something important. He adds that Anupama isn’t a sorrowful, lonely, and helpless person. Anuj tells that he doesn’t want Anupama to suffer. Vanraj tells that he had done the same mistake years ago. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistake. He tells that he will support Anupama and take her to the Shah house. He feels she will find happiness in the family.


He tells that Anuj had a one-sided love for 26 years and he/Vanraj had a marriage with her for 26 years. He declares that he will take Anupama home. He asks Anuj not to come back even if he has realized his mistake and feels ashamed of himself. Vanraj warns Anuj. He tells that Anupama is trying to cope with the sorrow with him and their children. Anuj tells that he knows Anupama well, she would be yearning for him like he is yearning for her, and they both are in pain. Maya finds Anuj speaking to Vanraj. Vanraj shows the dance academy video to Anuj, which leaves him shocks.

Vanraj tells that Anupama is happy with her children. Anuj feels upset that she has moved on. Vanraj tells that Anupama doesn’t a husband now, but a friend, which she will find in him. He tells that he will make a place in Anupama’s life. He picks the saree which Anuj drops in shock. Vanraj asks Anuj not to return to Anupama’s life. Anuj is confused and shattered. Maya tells Anuj that he shouldn’t react without knowing the entire matter. She adds that its nothing wrong if Anupama spends time with her children and gets happy. Anuj shouts at her and asks her to leave him alone. Maya apologizes. She is happy with Vanraj’s move. She wishes Anuj hates Anupama. Anupama calms her children and takes some time to think on the matter.

She tells them that she couldn’t give time to the academy because of her commitments. She admits that Samar had helped her a lot in running the academy. She asks Samar and Dimpy to run the academy as they want. She permits them to change the name of the academy and do anything they want. She has no problem with it. She tells that she will be happy to see their success. She emotionally tells that she has lost Anuj and Anu, and losing this dream is nothing in front of their loss. She asks her children to stay happy in their lives. She gives the keys to Samar. She makes a sacrifice. She tells that she is okay in her life and she has faith in Kanha. She makes a prayer and leaves the academy.

The children feel sad for her. Dimpy succeeds in removing her from the academy. Anupama asks Pakhi and Paritosh to focus on their lives. She tells that she is broken, but not shattered. Vanraj and Maya plan a new start with Anupama and Anuj respectively. Anupama decides to open her own dance academy somewhere else. She prepares to fly high. Vanraj meets her and gifts the saree to her. She refuses to accept it. He tells that he had gone to Mumbai and met Anuj there. She enquires about Anuj. He tells that Anuj is okay, he was busy shopping with Maya and appeared happy. Anupama gets upset.

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