YRKKH 12th April 2023 Written Update Alarming

YRKKH 12th April 2023 Written Update Alarming

YRKKH 12th April 2023 Written Update Alarming Suwarna tells the family that she had gone to bring happiness home. She brings Ruhi and surprises the family. Birlas arrive there to celebrate the festival with Goenkas. Manjiri isn’t happy seeing Akshara. Both families meet and wish each other Gangaur. Suhasini cries happily. Manjiri tells that they will celebrate the festival together. Suhasini tells that loneliness is a big curse and family is a big blessing. Abhinav and Abhimanyu get glad that their plan worked. Akshara tells Aarohi that it’s better to celebrate together. Suwarna asks Manjiri not to worry. She adds that they will handle everything. Parth joins them. Shefali gives him a second chance just for Mahima’s sake.

Abhir and Ruhi get happy and give gifts to each other. They don’t feel bored now. They plan to have sweets. Abhimanyu tells that the kids are planning mischief. Abhinav wishes peace to sustain the house. Akshara comes across Abhimanyu. He tells that he has seen something in Abhir’s files but he didn’t discuss it with Abhinav or anyone else. Akshara grows tense. She asks about the matter. Abhimanyu tells that he has seen hope and it means a lot in a complicated case. She says that she got scared. He tells that Abhir will get completely okay. He shares the new reports. Aarohi feels odd to see them together.


Surekha tries to brainwash Aarohi, but the latter dismisses the matter. Abhir goes to Manjiri and calls her Dida as Ruhi calls her. Abhir asks her to give him sweets. She gets emotional. She asks him to go and ask his mother. Akshara and Aarohi perform the Gangaur song. Abhinav and Abhinav become their dance partners. The garlands they use in the dance as props get tangled, making everyone worry for a moment. Abhir coughs. He feels unwell. Akshara and Abhimanyu see him and rush to attend to him together, while Abhinav is away. Aarohi doesn’t feel good. Kairav asks Suwarna what problem she has with Muskaan.

She tells that she has no problem. He tells that Muskaan was crying and saying about someone taunting her for trapping him. She tells that Muskaan would have heard Surekha’s words. He gets angry. She tells that they will talk to Surekha after the festival ends. He agrees. The couples perform the Gangaur puja together. Suhasini tells that they will go and perform the immersion rituals. Manjiri apologizes to Abhir for her rudeness. She gets sweets for him. He asks her what did he do and she got angry. She tells that elders make mistakes and vent anger on kids. He loves sweets and hugs her. Manjiri ponders their relationship. Akshara and Abhimanyu find Manjiri feeding the sweets to Abhir with love and bonding with him. They get glad.

Moreover, Aarohi invites Dr. Sandeep to the Gangaur celebrations. He tells that he remembered the name of the miracle baby’s mother. He mentions Akshara’s name, but Aarohi misses hearing it. Abhir tells Ruhi that he wants to accompany the family for the rituals. Both families reach the riverside to immerse the idols. Ruhi gets Abhir there in disguise when he isn’t allowed to come because of his health condition. Abhimanyu is happy that everyone celebrated the festival together. Akshara wishes nothing goes wrong. Dr. Sandeep reaches there and reveals the truth about Akshara and Abhinav’s child.


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