Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2023 Written Update Lakshmi likes Vikrant

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2023 Written Update Lakshmi likes Vikrant

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2023 Written Update Lakshmi likes Vikrant Rishi tells Lakshmi that life is unpredictable, anything can happen anytime and sometimes life decides few things for them. He adds that if Vikrant isn’t worthy of her, then she should reject him, and if he is deserving of her, then her marriage will happen with him. Ayush tells Shalu and Bani that Vikrant is useless and bad, and even if he comes home to meet Lakshmi, she will reject him. He jokes that Vikrant might have many cars, but he won’t have values. Vikrant is seen driving to the Oberoi house. He stops the car when an old lady comes in his way. He applies the brakes and saves her life. She blesses him.

Rishi makes Lakshmi ready to meet Vikrant. He combs her hair. They have a moment. They get restless in their hearts over their incomplete love story. They were fortunate to find true love in each other but lose out on fate. Neelam has found the perfect guy for Lakshmi. The family likes Vikrant. Neelam is glad that Vikrant doesn’t have any flaws. She doesn’t want the family to doubt her intentions. She says that she wants to get Lakshmi married off soon. Vikrant gets to hear much praise about Lakshmi. He is excited to meet her and know is she is so good. Rishi brings Lakshmi there. She meets Vikrant. She tells Rishi that she is ready for the marriage because she likes Vikrant. Rishi asks her if she likes Vikrant more than him. Keep reading for your favorite show’s news, spoilers, and a quick written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2023. Watch the latest promo before.



Nandini tells Ashish that she has a right to question him. She asks why is Nandish calling Maitree his mother. She prays that she gets the strength to get her son back from Maitree. She gets mad at Maitree when Nandish tells her that he wants Maitree with him. She pushes Maitree down. Nandish shouts in anger and runs to Maitree. He hates Nandini for hurting his mother. Nandini fails to hold back her son. Ashish finds Nandini getting disgusting. Nandini tells that Nandish hates her and he will never love her. She tells Maitree that Nandini will love her when he hates Maitree. She asks Maitree to do something that Nandini starts hating her. Ashish is shocked by Nandini’s demand. Maitree cries because she can never create hatred in Nandish’s heart. Nandini asks Maitree to swear to Nandish that she will do whatever it takes. Maitree breaks down.

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2023 Written Update Lakshmi likes Vikrant:

Malishka wipes her fake tears. She says that she had used her tears to emotionally blackmail Rishi and Lakshmi. He knows they will not stop the marriage. Lakshmi asks Rishi to let things happen as it is. Rishi tells that life is unpredictable, and anything can happen at any time, he didn’t think that he will meet her, marry her, find peace in her, cheat on her, and fall in love with her. He tells that he didn’t know about life’s decisions. He explains that sometimes life decides for them and sometimes they have to decide for their life, and such decisions describe their character.

He adds that she will marry Vikrant if he is genuinely nice and deserving of her. He tells that he will stop her marriage if he doesn’t like Vikrant. Ayush says that Rishi and Lakshmi will refuse Vikrant because Rishi will tally his list and reject him. Ahana asks him how can he say that Vikrant is bad. Shalu and Bani tell that Ayush knows nothing about Vikrant. He tells that his heart is saying it, Vikrant is bad, negative, and lacks values. Ahana tells that Vikrant is rich and self-made, he has a big bungalow and costly cars. Ayush tells that Vikrant lacks good looks. Vikrant is on the way to meet Lakshmi. Ayush makes fun of Vikrant. He tells that Vikrant won’t have values and that’s why he will get rejected.

An old lady crosses the road at a slow pace. Vikrant stops his car on seeing her. He blocks the other vehicles as well and gives ample time for the lady to cross the road. The old lady realizes his sweet gesture and blesses him. He smiles sweetly. Ayush tells that Vikrant will get rejected and leave the house. He asks them to chill. Shalu smiles. Sonia finds Vikrant at the door. She asks who is he. She finds him very handsome and likes him. Vikrant introduces himself. Karishma asks if is he Vikrant. He tells them that he can show his ID if she wants. He adds that he has come to meet Lakshmi. Neelam welcomes him. Sonia thinks Lakshmi is lucky to get a handsome guy. Karishma tells Neelam that he is quite handsome.

Malishka and Sonal are also surprised to see Vikrant and feel Lakshmi got a lottery. Sonal wishes she had met him before because he is rich, handsome, and a perfect dream guy. Vikrant tells that he has come to meet Lakshmi on his mom’s saying. He hopes he didn’t disturb them. Virender and Dadi meet Vikrant. Neelam asks Vikrant to get seated. Vikrant’s mom and Saloni also come and join the discussion. Ayush, Ahana, Shalu, and Bani come next and are surprised to know he is Vikrant. Ayush asks how is it possible, he looks handsome and he will ruin their plan.

Sonia asks him to get grateful, Lakshmi got a lottery and they should pray that she marries him. Rishi comes there and is surprised too at meeting Vikrant. Rishi tells that Vikrant was looking bad in the picture. Saloni tells that the photo wasn’t clear in the ID. Malishka tells that they found a guy better than Rishi for Lakshmi. She hopes Rishi finds Vikrant suitable for Lakshmi. Vikrant answers Virender’s questions. Shalu scolds Ayush for his wrong prediction. Bani tells that the marriage will get fixed. Ayush tells that the battle has just begun and they will win it at any cost.

Ayush doesn’t want Lakshmi to go away from Rishi’s life. He desperately looks for a file. He finds a printout of Rishi’s curated list of qualities that must be there in Lakshmi’s future husband. Lakshmi doesn’t want to think of Rishi now. Malishka tells that Lakshmi would be a fool if she refuses to marry Vikrant. Sonia tells that she would have married Vikrant. Ahana asks her to go ahead. She tells that she will tell Neelam to fix Sonia and Vikrant’s marriage. Ayush tells that Rishi’s definition of a perfect guy is impossible to match, and now Vikrant will leave the house when he fails to match the list.

Malishka asks Ahana to stop acting over-smart. Ahana argues with Sonia and Malishka. Shalu and Bani try to think of something for Lakshmi. They wait for Ayush. Sonia argues with Ahana and blames Lakshmi. Ahana asks her to change her company because she is becoming negative. Sonia tells that Lakshmi should marry Vikrant and leave the house. Ahana prays for Rishi. Malishka gets angry at Ahana. Sonal asks her to calm down. Neelam asks Karishma to get Lakshmi. Rishi tells that he will go and get Lakshmi. He collides with Ayush. Ayush tells that he was coming downstairs to check if Vikrant has the qualities in him that Rishi was looking for. Rishi tells that he remembers what he had written.

He realizes that Lakshmi made him away and pushed him towards Malishka. Ayush tells that he will ask Vikrant a few questions and judge him based on the list. He wants to make Vikrant leave. Rishi tells that Vikrant is a nice guy. Ayush tells that he will test Vikrant and see if he qualifies in reality. He wants to bring out Vikrant’s true face. Shalu asks Ayush where did he go. Ayush tells that he will not spare Vikrant now. He sits to question Vikrant. Karishma can’t believe Ayush’s silliness. She asks Ayush to let the elders talk. Ayush tells that he has some questions to ask Vikrant. Vikrant is ready to answer.

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