Bhagya Lakshmi 15th April 2023 Written Update Horrible forecast

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th April 2023 Written Update Horrible forecast

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th April 2023 Written Update Horrible forecast twist. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go anywhere she wants because it’s her life. He tells that he will not stop her this time, and he is very happy for her. He cries and tells that it’s tears of his happiness. Neelam tells that this time, Lakshmi will not refuse the marriage. She wants to tell the pandit to get an early mahurat for Lakshmi’s marriage, the mahurat should be before Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. Rishi agrees with her decision. Virender asks Neelam to call Pandit Badrinath and ask him to come home. Neelam calls Pandit Badrinath after a long time. She shocks him by telling him about Rishi and Lakshmi’s divorce. He was against Malishka, but Neelam didn’t believe his words.

She tells that they are getting Lakshmi re-married. She informs about Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage, and the Kundalis already match Vikrant’s family pandit. She asks him to find a good mahurat for Lakshmi’s marriage. He tells that he has got a mahurat, but the problem is really big and horrible. He appears serious and tense. Neelam grows worried and wants to know what is the problem. What’s written in Rishi and Lakshmi’s fate? Keep reading.


Pandya Store:

The Pandya family brings Dhara downstairs to show their efforts. They plan a surprise party for Natasha and Dhara’s successful kidney transplant surgery. Dhara comes to the party just for Natasha’s sake. She has no emotional attachment to anyone now. She is heartbroken by their difference. She doesn’t know the problems they faced in her absence. Dhara feels they are doing a drama just to please her and then they will break her heart in the same way. She is tired of keeping the family united. She tells that she doesn’t have any relationship with the Pandyas now.

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th April 2023 Written Update Horrible forecast:

Vikrant asks Lakshmi if she will come to dinner with her. She agrees. He tells her that he will wait for her. Saloni tells that Lakshmi is a nice girl. Lakshmi tells Rishi that Vikrant wants to take the decision for the marriage today itself. Rishi tells that it’s really good because she wanted to go away from him. He tells her that Vikrant is better than him, and he will keep her very happy, she should go where her happiness lies, and she will soon get married and go away from him. He knows that she wants to go where her life and happiness lie. He tells her that he will not stop her this time. He cries and tells her that it’s tears of joy and that he is happy for her. Lakshmi cries sensing Rishi’s feelings for her.

Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi will not do any drama this time and the marriage will happen. Alka calls her to ask about the meeting. Neelam tells that they liked Vikrant a lot, but Vikrant took some time to think about it. Alka is sure that this marriage will happen and they both will be happy together. Neelam hopes so. She tells Karishma that the matchmaker is confident of Vikrant choosing Lakshmi. Karishma asks why did Vikrant refuse them. Vikrant’s mom Anjana calls Neelam and tells her that Vikrant wants to take Lakshmi out on a date. She asks Neelam to give her permission.

She tells that Vikrant spoke to Lakshmi and she has also agreed. Neelam tells that Lakshmi is really Lakshmi, and very lucky. She praises Lakshmi again. She gives permission to Vikrant for the dinner date. Anjana tells that Vikrant will marry only Lakshmi. Neelam wishes Vikrant’s mom convinces him to marry Lakshmi. She wants to get rid of Lakshmi. She tells Karishma that she has praised Lakshmi just to get rid of her. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wishes she always stays happy with Vikrant. He asks if Vikrant told her anything else.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if Vikrant has told her about the place and time. She gets Vikrant’s message. He asks her if she has given her number to Vikrant. She tells that Vikrant asked for her number in front of him. Rishi tells that he forgot. She replies that Vikrant has sent the details. He tells her that he will drop her. She wants to manage it on her own. He tells that Vikrant won’t feel bad. She tells that she will go on her own, or else the family will not like it. He asks her to go in the family car, and she can come back with Vikrant if he wants to drop her home. She agrees.

He asks her to explain her sign language to Vikrant. He advises her to talk to Vikrant and stay comfortable, if she feels alone then she should think that Rishi is with her. He asks her to have food and not feel shy. He tells her that Vikrant will have to her, she should observe him and try to understand him. He reminds their first meeting. He tells that she didn’t know the meaning of the date. He asks her to stay fine and take care of herself. He tells that if anything happens to her, then he doesn’t know what will happen to him. She calms him down. She says that she will be fine. He tells that Vikrant should have an ex-girlfriend, there shouldn’t be any problem, he shouldn’t be dominating, and she should ask him anything and get satisfied.

He wishes her all the best. She thanks him. He asks her to smile. Malishka and Sonal get upset that Vikrant has asked for time. Sonal doubts that Vikrant can refuse her. Sonia gets good news. She tells that Vikrant is taking Lakshmi on a date, and their marriage will soon happen. Malishka gets glad. Rishi is stressed. Ayush finds Rishi stressed and asks the reason. He asks Rishi to stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi tells that he has tension about work. He lies about the business problem. He asks Ayush to focus on work, not Lakshmi’s marriage. He feels Vikrant is the best for Lakshmi, he is interested in her so he wants to meet her again. Ayush asks him why didn’t he stop Vikrant. He doesn’t like Lakshmi.

Rishi tells that Ayush won’t like any guy for Lakshmi. He feels Vikrant is a gem. Ayush asks him not to trust the world. Rishi tells that he is also worried for Lakshmi and cares for her. He asks Ayush to not worry. Ayush goes away. Rishi tells that he worries for Lakshmi a lot. Ayush asks Lakshmi to not meet Vikrant. She tells that she didn’t like Vikrant much and she is going to refuse him. Ayush doubts that she is lying. She tells that it’s about her life. He gets happy.

He wants to come with her and see how she rejects Vikrant. He tells that he will come along. She asks if he doesn’t trust her. Malishka, Sonal, and Sonia discuss about Rishi and Lakshmi’s changing terms. Ayush tells that he will always trust her and he is sorry if he has hurt her. Lakshmi asks him not to tell anything to Rishi, who is already troubled by Neelam and Malishka. Ayush asks her to marry Rishi. He tells that he had fed the Bhaang to Rishi, but he didn’t tell his feelings to Lakshmi. He wants Rishi to understand his love for Lakshmi. He feels free of a big burden when she confirms that Vikrant is out of her life. He dances happily. Lakshmi feels sorry to lie to Ayush.


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