GHKPM 16th April 2023 Sai’s shocking move

GHKPM 16th April 2023 Sai's shocking move

GHKPM 16th April 2023 Sai’s shocking move. Virat makes desperate measures to stop Sai. Virat doesn’t want Sai to leave the house. Sai tricks Virat. She makes a plan and flees from the Chavan house. She takes Savi with her. Virat learns about Sai’s leaving. He runs to find Sai and stop her. Vinayak finds Pakhi in pain and cries for her. He can’t see her tears. He learns that Virat has hurt Pakhi. Bhavani tries to contact Sai and Virat. Bhavani asks Ashwani and Ninad to understand Virat, who doesn’t want to repeat his mistake. She tells that Virat doesn’t want his wife and children to leave him and go away.

He makes them understand that Virat has a right to stay with Sai. Pakhi tells that she is Virat’s wife. She asks Bhavani if she is responsible for the problems. Bhavani asks her to sign the divorce papers and free Virat from the namesake marriage. She explains that Pakhi is living in a loveless and shallow relationship. She promises Pakhi that she will take care of her. She asks Pakhi to let Virat and Sai marry and make a family. Pakhi refuses to sign the divorce papers. She asks Bhavani not to lie to her. She doesn’t want Bhavani to look after her. She requests Bhavani to go away. Pakhi falls into a big dilemma.


Sai leaves the Chavan house. She doesn’t want Virat to know about her location. She seeks help from DIG Sir and asks him to not allow Virat to use his position to track her. Virat tries to track Sai’s phone to get her location. He gets blocked in his attempt because of the DIG Sir’s orders. Kadam tells that Virat can’t use official resources for his personal use. Virat panics. He wants to find Sai somehow. He wishes to get Sai back.


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